Weekend reading: January 2, 2016

Weekend reading: January 2, 2016

Sweet brothers.

From Instagram: Sweet brothers.

These boys. Although he’s pretty much the sweetest little boy on the planet, I couldn’t have imagined or predicted or even hoped that Jackson would love his little brother as much as he does.

When I’m carrying or holding them both, he giggles and says, “Two?!” He calls Lucas “Bupas” and “mine buddy.” And last night I laid a fussy Lucas down on the bed while I got ready myself. When he stopped fussing, I peeked my head in to see Jackson sitting next to him on the bed patting his tummy and talking to him. It really is the sweetest!

What I’m readingEmmy & Oliver by Robin Benway and Rising Strong by Brené Brown

What I’m thinking about:

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Through the looking glass

For the love of books

Why knowing yourself matters

Have a great weekend!

P.S. I love these surefire predictions for 2016 from Seth Godin.

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