Weekend Reading: January 25, 2014

Three Months Old

I was a little sad that I wouldn’t get to buy baby girl clothes when we found out we were expecting a boy, but it turns out that baby boy clothes are pretty fun too! We’re buying more clothes with characters, pictures and words on them than we did for our girls, but I look forward to getting this little guy dressed every day, and I’m having a lot of fun with his clothes!

Here are some of my favorite posts from this week. As always, check out what I’m reading and what I’m pinning to see the other posts that make me stop and think (or, you know, drool…). You’ll find new posts all week long!

Family {Time to Play}

  • The Importance of Free Play for Learning | MindShift

Life {Be Intentional}

Olympics {Crafts & Activities}

  • Winter Olympic Activities for Kids | Toddler Approved!

Have a great weekend!

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