Weekend Reading: June 2, 2012

break the sugar habit challenge

This drawer was full…and then I cleaned out everything that contained refined sugar or natural sweeteners. The refined stuff went to my mom’s house, while the natural stuff is getting packed away until the end of June.

It’s the first of my weekend tasks as I prepare for the start of the Break the Sugar Habit Challenge that starts on Monday…and then, after cleaning out my drawers, I co-hosted a dessert open house for my baby sister’s graduation from college and cosmetology school. Yes, I indulged. Just a bit. {Look for pictures of that party — including our awesome desserts and gorgeous DIY decor — very soon!}

Here are some of my favorite posts from this week. As always, check out what I’m reading to see the other posts that make me stop and think. You’ll find new posts all week long!

Organizing {Clean Out Those Closets}

This week in the SentrySafe Spring Cleaning Blogger Challenge, I shared my tips for cleaning out and organizing the hidden spaces in your home! Head on over and like SentrySafe to see those tips. Leave me a comment for a chance to win a SentrySafe safe for your family. If my post receives the most comments, they’ll also make a $250 donation to Children’s Miracle Network, a charity that we support because of the way it has touched our family.

Food {Eat Well Spend Less}

This month’s Eat Well Spend Less theme is kids in the kitchen. Find my tips for inviting your kids into the kitchen even when you find it stressful, and read through all of these great tips from the rest of the group as well. If you’re wondering why you might even want to involve your kids in the kitchen, be sure to start with the first post below. Shaina does an amazing job of outlining the benefits:

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Motherhood {Embrace the Imperfection}

Green Living {Baby Steps to Green}

  • Building Your Natural Summer Care Kit | Simple Homemade
  • Product Review & a Big, Big Giveaway from Redmond Clay | Plan to Eat Blog

Have a great weekend!