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Weekend Reading: June 7, 2014

Sending our big girls to Florida with my parents 2 weeks ahead of the rest of us. Lots of emotions all around!

I posted earlier this week on Facebook that I felt like I’d finally rediscovered my mojo after Jackson’s birth…and then everything went a little haywire. {Isn’t that the way it always goes?!}

We ended up taking our little man to the pediatrician on Tuesday because he’s having trouble digesting any food we give him — despite his love of food and desire to eat it all! — and he’s also falling off the growth chart. I think we need to figure out what’s going on, but I’m not worried-worried, just anxious for answers.

Unfortunately, he also picked up a virus (whether it was there or earlier in the week, I don’t know) and with it his first fever — a high 102 for three days now — and sore throat that has led to several sleepless nights, lots of fussing and just general lack of mojo for me.

And so we’re back to survival mode temporarily, balancing all of the joys of a summer schedule with the demands of work on not very much sleep. Prayers appreciated that he kicks this virus quickly and that we’re able to get answer at our appointment with the pediatric GI next Wednesday!

Here are some of my favorite posts from this week. As always, check out what I’m reading and what I’m pinning to see the other posts that make me stop and think (or, you know, drool…). You’ll find new posts all week long!

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Have a great weekend!