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Weekend reading: March 14, 2015

Cows in the neighborhood

From Instagram: The cows in our neighborhood don’t really care about small details like fences.

In addition to our exciting news last weekend, this week has also include a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party, a visit with my sister, a dinner date with one friend, a play date with another, a day of skiing with Daddy for our birthday girl, Essentials (the language arts & writing class I tutor), and choir practice for the big girls. Whew! It’s been a good kind of busy with lots of time with the people we love. I’m not sure I can maintain that pace every week, but it’s definitely closer to my ideal than the weeks when we just stay home because I have so much work to do!

What I’m readingI am LOVING Team of Rivals, but it’s a 42-hour audiobook, so it’s taking me a while to get through, and I recently abandoned the other books I was reading in favor of Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth.

What I’m thinking about:

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Have a great weekend!