Weekend Reading: March 30, 2013

Easter Tenebrae Tradition
source: mandiehman on Instagram

I confessed on Instagram last night that we have not been very intentional in our Easter celebration this year. Last year we did activities and lessons, and we all really enjoyed focusing on the Easter story in the weeks leading up to the actual holiday, but this year….well, I’ve just been trying to keep the laundry clean and earn enough money to put food on the table! Between morning sickness and sleeping all the time, I just haven’t been able to prioritize object lessons or even gathering my thoughts to make the Easter story memorable.

One of our traditions, though, is to turn out the lights at 3pm on Good Friday and live by candlelight until Sunday morning, in a kind of simplified, not-quite-Tenebrae service at home. This is our third year doing it, and this year our oldest remembered on her own and explained the tradition to her little sisters, which I loved hearing.

One of the things I love about this tradition is it doesn’t take any forethought or planning. We actually had family date night yesterday afternoon, and when we got home, we simply turned out the lights and pulled down the emergency candles. We talked about why we were doing it — to symbolize Jesus’ death and separation from God for the three days until His resurrection — and that was that.

It’s simple and somber, and I was glad to have at least this tradition to fall back on. Tonight we’ll make resurrection rolls by candlelight and bake them tomorrow morning for breakfast, and between those two things, I think we’ll end up doing pretty well!

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