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Weekend reading: November 1, 2014

Decorating for Christmas

From Instagram: Ornaments will start 3′ from the ground, but I love that he loves the lights!

Yesterday was October 31st, which can only mean one thing in our house…Christmas decorations!

The first year Sean and I were married, we eagerly bought Halloween candy, anxious to hand it out to the trick or treaters in our condo neighborhood. And no one came. Not one.

We were so disappointed that we headed back to Wal-Mart for some retail therapy, buying our first Christmas decorations together and setting up our Christmas tree and village that night!

The next year we were living in a great neighborhood in St. George, Utah and once again prepared for trick or treaters…only to realize that they’d all gone to trunk or treat events instead. So once again we decided to decorate for Christmas that night.

Now we’re living in the boonies and while we have taken the girls up to one neighbor’s house for candy and visiting, we still don’t get trick or treaters.

Instead, decorating for Christmas has become a tradition that our entire family looks forward to, and we love having our decor up throughout the full holiday season. What’s not to love about Christmas lights glowing from the tree and mantle in the early morning and late evening hours?!

We’re a little crazy, I know, but I love that my kids will always have memories of us decorating the tree on Halloween night!

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What I’m reading: Free to Learn by Peter Gray, The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner and Let’s All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs {still… I wanted to love this one, but so far I just don’t}

What I’m cooking: bacon cheeseburger twice-baked potatoes, spaghetti casserole, stromboli, easy pesto chicken

What I’m pinning: I’m a Pinterest fail…

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Have a great weekend!