Weekend Reading: October 15, 2011

double rainbow in our front yard
double rainbow in our front yard

Last night I stepped outside in the “golden light” to see if I could capture the gorgeous fall foliage on the mountains surrounding our home, and what I saw literally took my breath away.

Right outside our front door (so close that I couldn’t get it all on camera before it started to disappear) was a full-on double rainbow, with both ends of the brighter rainbow fully anchored on the ground. Like the original double-rainbow guy, I probably sounded a little crazy as I yelled for my family to quickly come see, but it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen, and I am so, so thankful that I went outside when I did!

To make it even sweeter, my sensitive, insightful five year old said, “God sent that as a promise for somebody.” Yes, sweet girl. Yes, he did.

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Have a great weekend!