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Weekend reading: October 24, 2015

From Instagram: I think he’s hungry or something… 

This little man turns TWO today! Thankfully, two year olds are my favorite, so I’m mostly excited about everything this next stage holds rather than sad about his baby days being almost over. He’s talking up a storm (although he seems to have his own alphabet so that only we can understand him!), learning new things every day, and trying his hardest to keep up with his sisters. But he’s also the sweetest little boy there ever was, and he loves to snuggle, read books, and build pillow forts (aka piles) and then bury into them!

This weekend we’re also on baby countdown as we wait for Lucas’ arrival, although nothing appears to be happening yet, so he just may be my first baby to wait until his due date to arrive!

What I’m reading: I’m still working through the pile of nonfiction I’ve started but not finished, including  The Mother Tongue: English and How it Got that Way by Bill Bryson (if you’re a grammar or language geek, this is SO good), ADHD Without Drugs by Sanford Newmark, MD, but I keep getting distracted by easy escapist reads!

What I’m thinking about:

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Have a great weekend!

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