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Weekend reading: October 4, 2014

Morning Conversations

From Instagram: Morning conversations.

Twelve years ago (tomorrow), in a simple spaghetti strap gown, with a veil over my face and 7 kids leading the way, I walked down the aisle toward the cute boy across the street who had stolen my heart in a girlhood crush that grew into a love that lasts a lifetime.

Eleven years ago, we were on the other side of the country, making a home for ourselves in St. George, Utah as we tried to figure out this whole adulthood and marriage thing.

Ten years ago, we were cuddling our first newborn baby, surrounded by family and head over heels with the newest member of our family.

Nine years ago, we were living in my parents’ basement in Maryland after moving back east to be closer to family.

Eight years ago, we were working our tails off, living in a cute little townhouse in Virginia, trying to decide what our plan was for the future, and enjoying life with our two little girls.

Seven years ago, we were once again cuddling with a newborn, enjoying our three-under-three in our brand new home on a little slice of heaven in West Virginia.

Six years ago…I’m pretty sure we were just wishing for more sleep.

Five years ago, we celebrated our favorite way: with one more brand new baby girl, bringing the total to four-under-five.

Four years ago, we were halfway through our first year as an “at-home” family after Sean sold his business to stay home so I could focus on mine.

Three years ago, we were emerging from the fog of two very hard years with our youngest daughter.

Two years ago, we were headed to South Carolina to celebrate our 10th anniversary for our first big trip without the girls.

One year ago, we were waiting for Jackson’s arrival and trying to remember what it was like to have a new baby in the house.

This year, with no babies or moves on the horizon, we’re just celebrating all of the amazing blessings in our life!

Clearly we mark time by the houses we live in and the babies we welcome. But one thing is for sure: I’m so, so thankful that the cute boy across the street finally called that spring day just before my 17th birthday. He’s my best friend, my better half, my encourager and my love. I fell in love with him over babysitting dates and long country drives to West Virginia and back, and there’s no one I’d rather do life with.

What I’m reading: Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles Book 2) by Marissa Meyer

What I’m cooking: creamy chicken & rice, ham & cheese puff pancake, crockpot enchiladas

What I’m pinning: spiced pear baked oatmeal, caramel apple bars, pumpkin baked oatmeal squares

What I’m thinking about:

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