Weekend Reading: October 6, 2012

Family Picture
source: Shaina Olmanson

It’s been a busy, busy month!

Three birthdays in three weeks, our 10th anniversary, a three-day visit from Shaina from Food for My Family and Olmanson Photography (who took family photos for us, including the one above) and more. The fun doesn’t stop there, with a trip to Isle of Palms, SC, the wedding of a close friend and Allume at the end of October and the chance to chat face-to-face with some of my favorite blogging friends.

It’s a good kind of busy — the best kind, really — surrounded by friends and family, but I am definitely looking forward to November and a slower schedule. Think it’ll happen?!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Barlow Family Benefit! Thanks to your help in getting the word out, we sold 5,619 ebook bundles and raised more than $26,000 for the Barlow family {not including direct donations}! My heart is full for the gift you’ve all given Jenny and her kids as they walk this difficult road. Thank you! If you’d still like to donate directly, click here.

Nester is hosting her annual 31 Days series this month, and more than 1,000 bloggers have signed up to participate with their own 31 Days series! Whoa. Some of my favorite bloggers are participating, and I’ve discovered a few other series I want to follow as well.


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{For Moms}

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  • 31 Days of Tips for New Homeschoolers | Homeschooling in the Mitten
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  • 31 Days of Slow Cooker Recipes | Hello Little House
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  • 31 Days of Sewing School | Simple Homemade
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{Green Living}

  • 31 Days of Essential Oils | Granola Mom 4 God

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  •  31 Days of Slow Living | Mama Unplugged
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As always, check out what I’m reading to see the other posts that make me stop and think. You’ll find new posts all week long!

Have a great weekend!