Weekend Reading: September 22, 2012

Sweet Kids
source: mandiehman on Instagram
The thing that always gets me about life is how tragedy and joy can coexist together. It seems like the world should stop when a tragedy happens, but it doesn’t. Babies still giggle, friends still laugh…there is JOY in the midst of pain and tragedy and heartache.

This week I watched a friend say goodbye to her husband and the father of their five children in an unspeakable tragedy. It has affected me in deeper ways than I can express, and I can hardly wrap my mind around what she must be experiencing.

And yet, in the midst of that, I got 3 days with one of my closest friends, Shaina from Food for My Family, who I rarely get to see in person and almost never get one-on-one time with. She came with her youngest son (seen in the picture above proposing to three of my daughters at one time) for a laid back visit, and she took pictures of our family while she was here (which I’m dying to see!).

We laughed, talked and just enjoyed our time together, and it was a lot of fun to watch our kids connect.

And my heart felt like it was pulled in two…

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