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Weekend reading: September 3, 2016

Sick baby

From Instagram: This cracks me up. He’s sick and won’t let me lay him down, but he also won’t cuddle, sleep on my chest or let me lay down *with* him. He wants to lay on top of me *just so*. 

Whew…summer colds are no joke, y’all! We had a virus a few weeks ago that knocked us all flat with a strange array of symptoms—dizziness, fever, stomach/chest pain, etc. We even ended up at the doctor to rule out meningitis after our 11yo kept getting fevers with migraine-level headaches and throwing up (she got better 6 hours after the visit to the pediatrician, of course!).

While the babies handled that initial virus fairly well, they both ended up with a cold again this week that left them congested and miserable. I’m stocking up on vitamin D and elderberry syrup now!

This baby is funny because his preferences change every couple of weeks (just about the time I figure them out). He’s been a paci baby, a thumbsucker, a tummy sleeper, a back sleeper and everything in between. These days he wants to lay sprawled out but still touching me, but he doesn’t want to be tucked or cuddled. Okay, got it…for now.

What I’m readingAlexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow and Africa: A Biography of the Continent by John Reader (both of these are extremely fascinating…and long, so I have no idea how long it’s going to take me to get through them!)

What I’m thinking about:

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Finding motivation

Easy meals for busy weeks

The hard conversations we need to have

Have a great weekend!