Weekly Reads + Rereading Your Favorite Books {4/22/13}

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Weekly Reads

I did it! After a two-week break from reading, I picked up my Kindle last week to reread The Hunger Games series (inspired by the Catching Fire trailer that Shaina sent me!). It felt good to use my downtime for reading again rather than just mindlessly zoning out, and I feel like I’ve rediscovered my reading mojo. It also helps that my nausea is becoming less and less frequent and my energy is returning; hello, second trimester!

Head here to see Katie’s post for this week. We also want to know what you’re reading! Add your blog post to the linky below or leave a comment with your favorite reads from this week.

This Week’s Reads

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
As I mentioned, I reread this series, which I first devoured in October of 2011, although I’m not quite done the third book yet.

Although I know the reaction to these stories, which have been described as naysayers as gratuitously violent, vary widely, what I love about them is the realness of the characters and the emotions they experience — anger, fear, moments of joy in the midst of heartache, etc., and the strength of Katniss as she fights to protect the people she loves. Yes, the storyline is horrific, and it may seem odd to read about a future society that sends children into a stadium to fight to their deaths, but the violence is portrayed in exactly that way — as horrific and traumatizing and unbearable for Katniss and Peeta as well, and I think there are many lessons that can be taken away from the series.

Rereading the first book, I was surprised by some of the details I noticed that I didn’t remember from my first reading. And the second book — I don’t know if I rushed through it the first time or what, but I’m a little embarrassed to say that the first half or so felt like an entirely new book. Mockingjay, on the other hand, is exactly like I remember it so far, although I think I have a deeper appreciation for the whole series now!

On My Reading List for This Week

We’re heading to Florida for some R&R this week, so I should have plenty of time to read on the 18+ hour drive and subsequent days lounging by the pool! Not sure how many books I’ll get through, but my list for vacation includes:

A Question for You

Although there are a few books I’ve reread multiple times (The Screwtape Letters and Lost Child in the Woods among them), I’m usually pretty hesitant to reread books, which is ironic considering how often I reread my favorites when I was a teen. However, rereading The Hunger Games trilogy this past week was a really good experience. I was able to focus on details that I hadn’t paid attention to the first time, and I wasn’t rushing through the story to find out what happened next.

If anything, I’m even pickier about rereading nonfiction, rereading only those books that were so packed full of insight that I feel like a fresh reading will inspire & challenge me again.

How about you? Do you reread books often? How do you decide what to reread? How often do you reread your favorites?

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