Weekly Reads + Whether You Keep Books {4/8/13}

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Weekly Reads

Oh my goodness. For the first time all year, I didn’t read a single page in a single book for the whole week! I definitely enjoyed my extra sleeping hours, though.

Head here to see Katie’s post for this week. We also want to know what you’re reading! Add your blog post to the linky below or leave a comment with your favorite reads from this week.

A Question for You

This week’s question has to do with owning versus borrowing books and how you grow your book collection.

It’s no secret that I love my collection of children’s books, and my dream is actually to grow a fairly extensive children’s library, not just for my own children, but for my children’s children and beyond (maybe I’ll be able to keep them local with that promise? LOL!). With that in mind, we buy a lot of books each year for our homeschool (and also because our library system is good but not great and I want to be able to surround them with tons of great books), and our shelves are overflowing. However, I’m not especially picky about the quality of those books. I actually love the look of a well-loved book and often buy used.

When it comes to my own books, I’m not nearly as attached to them, and I really only have one small shelf of my very favorites. These days, I do buy a lot of books for my Kindle, but I’ll occasionally buy one of my favorites in paper as well (which reminds me that I still want to get Love Does for my collection!). My friend Shaina, on the other hand, loves to own the paper copies of the books she reads, and she is careful to keep them in pristine condition as well.

How about you? Do you borrow or buy books? Do you have a growing collection or give them away? Do you like your books to be in a certain condition?

Looking forward to hearing your answers!

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