Weekly Reads + Reading Out Loud to Kids {5/13/13}

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Weekly Reads

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I still didn’t pick up my Kindle last week, but my reading list is growing at an alarming rate, so I’m looking forward to diving back in (hopefully) this week!

Head here to see Katie’s post for this week. We also want to know what you’re reading! Add your blog post to the linky below or leave a comment with your favorite reads from this week.

A Question for You

Earlier in the school year, I mentioned that I’d accepted that audiobooks were going to have to take the place of read-alouds for our family because of time constraints with school and work time; however, I’ve realized in the last few months how very much I miss reading stacks of books with and to the girls!

With that in mind, we’ve worked hard to move to more independent school work for many of our subjects, freeing up more time for me to sit and read with them rather than trying to teach a variety of subjects, and I’m really excited to start making our way through more of our collection (and rereading some of our favorites with the little ones!) as we head into summer.

All of that said, I’d love to know when you read to your kids! Do you read at meals or bedtime? At set times or randomly throughout the day? Where do you read together? How much time do you spend reading to your kids each day?

Share Your Reading List

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