Weekly Reads + The Worst Book You’ve Ever Read {6/10/13}

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Weekly Reads

What’s on your summer reading list? I’m so enjoying reading the summer reading guides from people like Anne and Tsh, whose book recommendations I always appreciate! I, however, am currently on a book buying hiatus as I make my way (sloooooooowly) through the ones already on my Kindle. With weeks when I’m not reading any books at all (ahem, like last week!), I just can’t justify buying anymore until I make it through that virtual pile, no matter how highly they’re recommended.

Head here to see Katie’s post for this week. We also want to know what you’re reading! Add your blog post to the linky below or leave a comment with your favorite reads from this week.

With the Girls

A New Home for Lily

Dylan is rereading A New Home for Lily, this time on her own, which she’s enjoying. She’s still at the point in her reading development where she switches between chapter books regularly because she’s not a fast enough reader for a single book to hold her attention over the course of a week or two, so she has set aside her Little House books for now.

Tales of Robin Hood

Peyton, on the other hand, has gotten to the point where she can finish a decent-size chapter book in a day or two, so she’s much more likely to finish a book before moving on to the next. Last week’s top choice was Tales of Robin Hood by Tony Allan, which led to recreating lots of adventures outside on the playground!

Justin Morgan Had a Horse

This week, she’s finishing Justin Morgan Had a Horse (which she did start last week), and she’s packed a bag full of 8-10 books that she wants to read next.

A Question for You

I really, really disliked Maze Runner, which I read at the beginning of this year. I couldn’t put it down because I needed¬†to figure out what was going on and get to the end, but I really hated it. Most of the time, however, I’m getting better about putting a book down before it reaches that point (which may result in missed opportunities!), so I can’t think of too many others I’ve disliked to that degree!

What was the worst book you ever read? Did you finish it? What did you dislike about it?

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