Weekly Reads + Encouraging Kids to Love to Read {7/22/13}

Weekly Reads

Ack! I had to go and open my big mouth about finally finding my reading groove…and then I lost it again.

I’m still working my way through both Last Child in the Woods and Mansfield Park, a few pages at a time. Even though I’m really enjoying both, I’m feeling pulled in a million directions between projects and appointments and my returning desire for as much sleep as possible!

The girls, however, have been reading nonstop — something that never gets old for me (especially after our oldest’s struggle with reading as recently as last year!), even if I do find myself asking them to please put their books down while they brush their teeth, set the table or eat lunch.

Here are their reading lists for the week, which put me to shame:

Dylan (7.5):

  • Jesus Wants All of Me (Yes, she’s reading a devotional straight through like a chapter book. Love her!)
  • The Slumber Party Secret (Nancy Drew Notebooks #1)
  • Sarah Plain and Tall (This was one she had started awhile ago and decided to pick back up and finish.)

Peyton (almost 9)

  • Misty of Chincoteague
  • Owls in the Family
  • Sword in the Tree
  • The Minstrel in the Tower

A Question for You

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes some kids love to read and some kids hate it. A lot of people say that it’s a girl thing and boys just don’t enjoy reading as much, but Heidi at Mt. Hope Chronicles has three very active boys who are also voracious readers, so I’m not convinced that’s true. Heidi also shared this article on Facebook the other day about how some of our strategies for encouraging boys to read (books full of gross humor and using video games as incentives) might not be helping the cause. I obviously don’t have any boys (yet!) to compare, but my hope is that our little girls and Jackson will love to read as much as the big girls do.

I think that our family’s love of stories in general (there is almost always an audiobook playing somewhere in our house) plus our limits on TV and electronics time help, but I’d love to hear from you as well: How do you encourage your kids to read? How do you encourage them to love to read? Are those two questions even different, or is the answer the same to both?

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