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Welcome to the Brand New Life Your Way!

Life Your Way

Welcome to the brand new Life Your Way!

In a perfect world, everything would be perfect and shiny and, well, new here at the new site, but with 3,600 posts and more than 400 printables in the archives, it hasn’t been quite that easy.

You know how you feel right before guests arrive, as you frantically rush around cleaning and shoving random things in closets and empty bedrooms?

Well, that’s kind of what I’ve been doing this past week. There is so much I’d like to clean up in our archives, but I was really anxious to move things to the new site, so rather than waiting until every last detail is in place, we’re making the move today.

My hope is that I’ve done a good enough job that you won’t even notice any of the things I’ve shoved in closets, but if you do, please feel free to come leave me a comment here about it, just in case I don’t already know about it!

If you’re reading this in a feed reader or in email, you’ll want to click through and see the new site. It’s not only pretty (am I allowed to say that about my own site?!), but it’s easier to navigate and simpler, with plenty of breathing room and less clutter.

In addition, the site is now mobile responsive, which means it should be easy on the eyes on your mobile phone or tablet and load faster as well!

Life Your Way Printables

I have to admit that the printables section is my favorite new feature, although it’s also the one that’s been holding up this process. As it is, I still need to finish cleaning up the holiday printables, but you can now browse the rest of our printables with thumbnails of each one. I bet there are a few printables you never knew existed just because reading through a list of 400 printables titles is enough to give anyone a headache!

I’ve also moved all of our ebooks and courses to one place. So rather than having separate sites for Easy Homemade and the From Idea to eBook course, you’ll find them all in our Shop. And I hope to be adding new products throughout the year as well!

As I write this, the old site is still available. I want to be careful about the redirects so that most of the old links to our posts and printables will still work, so I’ll be doing that slowly throughout the week before we actually turn off the old site. But I think we can all agree that the new site is the place to be, and new posts will be going up here this week!

Thanks for bearing with me through this process, and I’m excited to move past the redesign process and start writing posts, making printables and creating ebooks and courses again. Here’s to all that 2014 holds!