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What Are the Travel Trends for 2023?

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As the focus on mental health and living life instead of simply existing continues to expand, travel remains a massively growing industry. Until lately, the pandemic’s domino effect showed up in the form of solo trips. But in 2023, travel trends have changed, moving from individual destination plans to group vacations. 

This year saw a surge in movements that broke decades-old popular trends, such as timeshares. In fact, many timeshare owners turned to companies like ACA Group to learn how to get out of their contracts and explore sustainable travel instead. 

What other changes in the travel industry can you expect as we prepare to leave 2023 behind us and make 2024 even better? Read on to find out!

International Travel is Booming

The past few years have made international travel difficult, if not impossible. The borders were closed due to vaccines and viruses, the financial impacts of the global shutdown were still hurting many, and the confusion and fear kept millions of people slowly inching out of their backyards. 

But now, many have knocked down the obstacles and are ready to experience life outside of their country at a whole new level. International travel, especially to sought-after destinations like Europe, Greece, Croatia, and Egypt, is booming. Egypt summer packages have become particularly popular, offering travelers a unique blend of ancient wonders, sun-soaked beaches, and rich culture. Travel trends for these overseas destinations reveal June and July as the preferred months, with most trips lasting 7-14 days.

Sustainable Travel is a Must

Today’s travelers want a balance of luxury mixed with eco-friendly practices. Hotels and restaurants must adjust how they attract consumers by finding ways to meet this demand. 

Sustainable travel doesn’t mean lowering your standards. It means reducing waste through everyday practices. 

For instance, many lodging businesses now use sensors to turn lights and air conditioning on and off. They offer linen replacement on demand instead of automatically and use refillable toiletries rather than individual-sized bottles that get thrown away. 

Consumers Want Wellness Options

Historically, a stereotype of traveling that has been more of a rule than an exception is that when you’re on the road, you’re not going to eat well. 

Travelers have come to associate trips with junk food, restaurant indulgences, and overall unhealthy eating habits. But now, many consumers are speaking up and expecting healthier options. 

As diets go increasingly gluten, nut, carb, sugar, and other ingredient-free, restaurants and food sellers are providing more menu options. Generally, healthier alternatives are more expensive, and buyers are willing to spend extra to eat better. 

Consumers look for natural or organic ingredients that taste good. They will often buy the brand over the product itself, causing many food manufacturers to spend extra on marketing their name to ensure it’s linked with healthy eating.

Bucket Lists and Living Well Are the New Trend

As we close out 2023, one common theme amongst all the travel trends we see is the focus on experiences. People no longer make their bucket lists and then set them aside to collect dust. They want to check off their dreams and make them realities, all while living well — on a budget, of course. 

Whether you’re a consumer ready to explore the world or a retailer trying to gain more business, you should understand this theme and use it to create your travel goals for 2024.

Featured Image by Pam Patterson from Pixabay