What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

For a long time, I had the terrible habit of saving the good stuff for “someday.”

Okay—in full disclosure—while I recognize this tendency these days, I still find myself tempted to hold onto things rather than enjoy them:

  • A lotion or scrub that I want to save for a special treat.
  • A journal I’m afraid to start because once I do there’s no going back.
  • Art supplies that are so beautiful when they’re new and fresh.
  • Dishes or serving pieces that I only use for a special occasion.

For most of us, things like luxurious body products and journals are a small part of our budgets (and things we often receive for gifts), yet we hoard them as if they cost as much as a monthly mortgage payment.

I’m not suggesting that we take them for granted or become entitled about them, but leaving them on the shelf for someday isn’t really treasuring them either, is it?

I’m certain that this mindset led to the overwhelming amount of stuff we accumulated during our first five years of marriage. I remember cleaning out the upstairs closet in our tiny townhouse before we moved into our current home and just shaking my head at the number of lotions, creams, scrubs and sprays that I hadn’t been using regularly for fear of “using them all up” and then not having them to choose from.

Holding onto these things stems from the same place that leaves us needing to be reminded to buy new underwear or make time for something we love. I’ve discovered through conversations with other women that it’s a common mindset, but let’s face it: it’s just silly!

These things were made to be used, and every day is a special day, if you choose to see it that way.

So pull out the rich body cream you received for Christmas and use it. It’s good for your dry winter skin and your soul.

Use that new journal or sketchbook. Yes, the marks you make are permanent, but those books shouldn’t be for just writing or drawing what’s perfect; they should be about honestly capturing the process. Share what’s really in your heart, not what you think someone would want to read. Try new things without worrying about a sketch gone bad.

Pull the china out for a Tuesday dinner, hold a fancy tea party on a Friday morning, decorate with streamers just because you’re thankful to be alive.

You are worth pampering, and today is worth celebrating!

Do you hoard special things for “someday”?

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  1. I have linens from my grandmother I use everyday. My mother is always shocked and says I should keep them, not use them. I think of my grandmother each time I use them and think that’s really what is all about. I have only sons and if I don’t create a memory for them, their wives likely won’t want to keep those things.

  2. What a great post!

    Yes, unfortunately I do this too! And the silly thing is, sometimes I save something so long for that perfect moment and by the time I go to use it, it’s no longer nice or is past it’s prime. I’m getting better at it though. I did a major decluttering spree in the fall and it really opened my eyes to how much stuff I keep waiting to use at that perfect time. I also have a husband who loves to use stuff up and totally does not get my thought process. He’s been good for me and has helped encourage me to just enjoy things that I like and that are special anytime…..after all, like you said, every day is special!

  3. Yes, all of the above! When we moved over a year ago I too was shocked at the amount of body washes, lotions and beautiful soaps that I had accumulated. We have since been using them and I have yet the need to buy soap! I think it is something that gets instilled into us early on, particularly if you were raised in a poorer family where these things were truly rare and special. I even save chocolate from Easter to savour over a few months rather than indulge in it all at once! However, it is something I am working on too, taking the time to enjoy them as they are meant to be enjoyed, but its definitely a process.

  4. Yes, I do that, too! Nice lotions and soaps, that I mostly got as gifts. I used to do that with cute pencils and stationary when I was a kid, but realized how silly that was and started using them! I’ve pulled out my nice lotions and have started using them, but it is hard to change that “save for later” mentality overnight. 🙂

  5. This post. I love it.

  6. Oh, I thought I was alone in this! Nobody else I know does this, and I know it’s silly. I’ve done it for as long as I can remember – including saving the best part(s) of a meal/dessert for last, even though I had to guard against sibling sneaks!

  7. I hope you give your permission to really enjoy something—even if you use it all up—this week, Shauna! You’re worth it!

  8. Yes, stationery and pencils—I did (do?) that too! I think it’s something we have to practice NOT doing again and again and again because it’s such a strong natural inclination!

  9. Well, I’m pretty impressed about the chocolate; I wish I had that much self-control around the stuff! 🙂

  10. I LOVE that, Pat—I’ve talked about using our sentimental items as well. We’ve unfortunately broken a few of the Redskins glasses we received from my grandfather’s collection, but the number of conversations we’ve had with my girls (who never met him) about him because of those glasses has been worth it!

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