What Would You Do If You Had More Time?

What Would You Do If You Had More Time?
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Because my schedule for the last couple of months has included a chunk of time dedicated each day to writing the book, I’m really looking forward to turning in the manuscript and gaining several more hours in each day.

I’m hoping that I don’t fall back into the trap of taking on more projects and filling my days with to-do lists because I’m looking forward to having more time with my family — to go on field trips, to hang out outside on beautiful spring days and to spend some more time in the kitchen trying to improve my cooking skills.

Today I want to know…

What would you do if you had more time?

What would you do if your days weren’t filled with responsibilities and to-do lists?

Do you have a business you’d like to pursue?

Maybe a hobby you’ve had to set aside for this season?

Would you just enjoy having “margin” in your day where there wasn’t any before?

Looking forward to reading your answers!