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When Good Enough is Good Enough

The following post is from Bernice Wood of Living the Balanced Life:

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Are You a Perfectionist?

Some of us have perfectionistic tendencies. Others are full blown perfectionists. Either way, these tendencies are usually deep down in our core — we do them without even thinking.

Now granted, there are times when things need to be perfect, or near perfect. For example; I would like the pilot of my plane to do a near perfect job (I hate to fly, btw)! I would also like a policeman who is being fired upon to have a pretty good aim to defend himself. And a racecar driver better be pretty awesome or he won’t make it out alive.

Does Everything NEED to be Perfect?

If I write a blog post, I would like it to be perfect, but does it HAVE to be?

When you’re cleaning your house, does it have to be perfect? Why?

When you cook dinner, do you stress about making it perfect? Why?

Does your daughter have to do perform perfectly in her recital? Why?

Does your son have to play perfectly in his game? Why?

I am not saying we should be lazy, or not try to do our best in every situation, or that we shouldn’t teach our children to do their best. The fact is, there are many times when good enough is just good enough. We don’t have to push for perfection in everything we do. That’s a good way to end up with an ulcer, or even worse, dead with a heart attack.

If you want to…

achieve more

be happier

be less stressed

have a richer life

…learn to do most things just “good enough”.

What things could you choose to not put so much emphasis on in your life?  How could this reduce your stress level and help you accomplish more of the “right” things?

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Bernice Wood is a mother of 4 young adult kids, plus Nana to 7 grandchildren. After a major lifechange summer 2010, she began blogging to journal her personal struggles and transition. To help others avoid the pitfalls of stress and burnout and learn to live a more healthy life, she recently launched her new blog at Living the Balanced Life.