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When your dishwasher bites the dust…

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I am part of the Kenmore Home Team, and the following is a sponsored post, but—sadly!—our dishwasher really did bite the dust as I was preparing for this post!

Attempting to stay on top of the dishes without a dishwasher

On an average day, we use between 25-40 plates and bowls, more than 35 utensils, 7-10 cups and water bottles, and dozens of other pots, pans and cooking tools.

As a large “at-home” family (who lives, works and schools at home!), dishes may be our most constant chore—and the one we’re most likely to fall behind in as well.

This summer we finally found a good routine: we got the kids individual plates and bowls that they could wash after every meal rather than stacking them in the sink, and we added loading the dishwasher (for the remaining dishes) to two of our girls’ chore assignments.

And then, a couple of weeks ago—while Sean was away from home, of course—we heard an awful sound coming from the dishwasher followed by streams of smoke. As I quickly stopped the dishwasher and rushed everybody outside to play for several hours while the smoke cleared, I tried to imagine how we were ever going to stay on top of the dishes without a dishwasher.

Attempting to stay on top of the dishes without a dishwasher

Sure, my grandmother did it in her tiny kitchen with 5 children and twice as many grandchildren, but she was a natural homemaker…and I am decidedly not.

When Sean got home, he cleared out the plastic handle of my pastry cutter that had almost caught our dishwasher and home on fire, and we tried the dishwasher again. Unfortunately, it continued to make its awful sound, and we stopped it again—afraid of starting an actual fire this time. Our dishwasher has worked hard for us these past 8 years, dealing with a daily load of dishes, mineral-rich water eating away at its surfaces, and abuses from various toddlers. Even if it never has been able to get dishes clean without a good scrubbing beforehand, it’s definitely an appliance we’ve relied on. But now it’s just a fancy drying rack.

Attempting to stay on top of the dishes without a dishwasher

In the coming weeks we have to decide between hiring a repairman to come take a look and possibly fix it (and maybe replace the melted and missing wheels while he’s at it!) or putting that money toward a new dishwasher since the average life of a dishwasher is just 6-10 years anyway.

For my part, I hate the idea of wasting money on repairs just for it to need replacement in a couple of years anyway, and the Kenmore Elite® line of dishwashers is calling my name with promises of…

…TurboZone Reach™, with 24 jets that offer corner-to-corner cleaning on the top rack to get the inside and outside of every dish clean the first time and 4 rotating and 2 stationary spray jets on the bottom to power-clean stuck-on foods without soaking or scrubbing.

…MicroClean™ filtration system that improves performance while using less water and electricity.

…SmartDry™ technology that automatically chooses the best drying cycle and SmartDry™ Plus that dries 25% better.

…360 PowerWash™ Plus Spray Arm that senses and bypasses blockages to make sure water hits every corner of the dishwasher.

…LED Lighting inside the dishwasher to make it easy to find what you need.

Having a dishwasher that actually cleans dishes without having to scrub them by hand first feels a bit like a pipe dream at this point (it’s just been so long since that was true for us!), but the Kenmore Elite® dishwashers seem ready to deliver! (Think I could take a load of dirty dishes to Sears to try it out?!)

How many dishes does your family use in an average day?