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Who’s Your Favorite Strong Female Character?

Books with Strong Female Characters

As the mother of four girls, I love that books with strong female characters abound for every age:

Nancy Drew and Annie (from the Magic Tree House) set out on adventures to solve mysteries and help those in need.

Hermione is unabashedly smart, never pretending to be dumb around boys or other girls, and her genius helps solve more than a few mysteries along the way.

Tris and Katniss refuse to accept the way things are and stand up against injustice.

Alice (from What Alice Forgot) fights to rediscover herself and rebuild her life.

Summer (from Wonder) befriends the friendless and discovers a best friend in he process.

I hope that I would be the kind of person to fight injustice, to do what’s right instead of just what’s easy — I hope I am that kind of person — and I love to read stories about girls and women who do just that.

But more importantly, I want my girls to be surrounded by these stories too so that they’ll have these characters in their corner as they grow up (along with the strong women they know in real life) to help them find the strength to do what’s right, to be themselves and to face new situations with courage.

Who’s Your Favorite Strong Female Character?

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