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Why I Choose Golf as My Family Vacation

Over the years, golf has increasingly become a popular sport. Not only among a select club of elite players but also enthusiasts. Today, it is a sport that attracts enormous crowds to golf courses around the world. It also made way for a lot of brands to sell unique equipment such as quality golf bags, unique golf hats, and top of the line golf apparel. But that aside, you may want to ask, wouldn’t it be a good idea to incorporate golf in your holiday itinerary this festive season?  

Well, those were my thoughts a few months ago. Mothers everywhere are looking forward to a thrilling vacation with their children after many months at school and work kept them apart. For them, a sporting activity that strengthens families and relatives, especially during holidays, is worth trying. In this post, therefore, find out why golf beats many sports.

Thus, instead of planning a holiday trip to the Bahamas, Guatemala, or the Alps, there are lots of other activities that I thought bond families. You don’t want to spend weeks putting together a vacation to-do list only to end up with a disgruntled group who think their interest was considered. And even if you choose a sport or a leisure activity like kayaking, everyone soon gets bored. 

After spending weeks researching the best sport for a family holiday, golf emerged as the most appealing. We will look at reasons for choosing it later on in this post, but first, let’s go through some prerequisites.

Factors to consider when choosing a golfing location for a family holiday.

Settling on golf for a family holiday is not one of the easiest decisions to make. When you dig deeper into the nature of the sport, you get a clear picture of a sport that transcends hitting a small ball with a stick. Moreover, with thousands of golf courses around the world, you will agree that settling on the best one for a family getaway is not easy.  

Before exploring the reasons for choosing a golf family vacation, the following factors played significance:


From a list of places to play golf around the world, deciding on a site like Portugal, means it has hundreds of locations with many aspects. First, the natural setting makes for a perfect adventure zone, hence ideal for families. It overlooks the blue ocean, furthering creating a serene and relaxed atmosphere for family time. A quick online check reveals impressive stats and ratings. It is a place that families visit every year to develop long-lasting holiday memories. 


Unfortunate and unexpected things can happen during the holidays. It is why governments often issue travel advisories, restricting their citizens from visiting some locations. Thus, when it comes to choosing a golfing location for your family this holiday, security should come first. But come to think about it, there are hardly any advisories against hanging out on a golf course. They are some of the most guarded locations in any country, given the prestige associated with the sport.

Social Amenities 

Highly rated golf courses like St. Andrews in Scotland or San Lorenzo golf course have plenty of social amenities. So, what’s the point? When looking for an ideal golfing course for a family getaway, you should factor in social amenities. Are there other sporting facilities apart from golf? Would they help bring your family together? These are essential questions whose answers you must seek before setting out on a destination with your family. 

Cost of travel

Unless you have saved enough for a family holiday trip to anywhere in the world, travel packages for families during peak seasons are costly. The price may get even more expensive when you plan to spend a month with your kids at a golfing inn. It is, therefore, essential to weigh into the costs of such trips. You will save from overspending, and starting your vacation broke and stressed. 

Reasons why a golf vacation is suitable for families

Thus far, let’s explore the gist of this post. Why would a mother choose a golf vacation for her family? Well, the following reasons best explain everything you need to know.

It is easy to involve everyone 

When it comes to family vacations, it is never easy to bring everyone on board to work as a team and take part in everything together. But with golf trips, the story is different. All you have to do is tell your kids about the tremendous and unforgettable experiences that come with visiting the best golf resorts. From luxurious eating places, state-of-the-art swimming pools to golf courses that define tranquility, golf vacations have something for everyone. It does not get any better than playing as a team.

A chance to learn together as a family

While you may have raised a golfing family, playing on the same course every day will only get boring over time. Moreover, you cannot claim to be a pro golfer when all you do is wake up and head to the same neighborhood golf course year in and out to play. To build on the experience of everyone in the family, you should consider the option of a golf vacation.

Everyone will feel happy and enthusiastic about playing golf on a new course. Most importantly, the family will want to showcase their skills. Some will want to beat records set by golfers on that ground, which makes golf holidays a valuable bonding time. You may want to bring your best equipment with you, like the best golf shafts and grips, if you really want to make a statement with your game.

Golf courses always feel like homes away from home

Talk about the best golf courses in France, and you realize how fantastic it would be to play on one like family. While there are high chances you will see golfers from other countries in such places; they are often perfect places for family time. It gets better for families who belong to golfing clubs because golf vacations for members come with huge trip discounts. Spending less on a family trip package for lots of fans in a place far away from home is what makes it feel like home.

A recipe for meeting family fitness goals

Families that love having fun together, including holidays, can explore golf vacations as opportunities for bonding even more. Playing golf is physically and mentally involving. Thus, after many months in school and at work, unleashing extra energy on a beautiful golf course is the perfect holiday getaway for families looking for quality bonding time. 

Moreover, everyone will leave the place feeling fit and fresh, ready for new challenges. Good health, you will agree, equals great health. 

Lots of travel destinations and packages 

Families always look for holiday destinations that feature the best amenities for leisure seekers. Now, compare combining a golf vacation with other activities, you realize beats most sports in many aspects. Golf courses have the best stay-ins and leisure parks. That is not to mention their beautiful locations. 

Moreover, from New York, Paris, Johannesburg, London, Mallorca, Mexico to Rome, every city in the world has a golf course everyone would want to visit. For a family looking for serene places, golf vacations are therefore irresistible. It is something worth adding to your bucket list

Final Words

Having the best equipment for Golf will surely enhance your vacation experience, you can check this website for more information  When it comes to holidays, sports like golf make everything memorable. From learning a new skill, booking accommodation in serene places to having the fun of your life with every family member feeling involved, mothers who choose golf vacations, value family time. It is an experience worth taking to the memory lane. 

Featured Image by David Mark from Pixabay