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Why Is Haute Couture and Reading Books a Good Combination?

In modern society, it’s of great importance for people what attitude they evoke in the people around them. How interesting, beautiful and useful you are to society determines your popularity. This, in turn, helps you achieve success in your personal and professional life. You can find thousands of proofs of this on the Internet. 

There are many real stories when popularity and public interest helped people get their dream job, earn money on their hobbies, find like-minded people, get help and support in difficult times. In general, thanks to their popularity, those people managed to change their lives for the better.

What does it take to become attractive and interesting to other people?

Personal hygiene, good looks, a healthy body, and neat quality clothing are really the first things people pay attention to when they meet you. The first impression of you for a potential partner or future employer is based on how you look. Therefore, there are many young people who focus their attention on caring for their appearance, strive to make their body more athletic and attractive, create their image with the help of branded things and accessories that can emphasize their status.

Very often, people mistakenly believe that this is enough to attract public attention. Yes, like many years ago, people greet you in clothes, but you also need to have your informed opinion on current issues, have a smart worldview, present your principles and be interested not only in fashion trends. If you have poor knowledge from the category of general development and your speech consists of slang words, you haven’t followed the news for a long time and don’t learn anything new, then you can’t be useful or interesting to other people.

Thanks to their attractive appearance, people wake up interest in the inner world of conversation. Therefore, it’s important to devote time to personal care, spend money not only on branded clothes but also to train your brain, and invest in yourself and self-development.

Why reading books can help you become a more interesting interlocutor?

Books to read
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It really doesn’t matter which genre you prefer. There are many good practice guides written by seasoned psychology and sociology professors to help improve a person’s soft skills. Still, apart from personal growth training books or psychology textbooks, you can get a lot from reading the classic literature of legendary writers or well-written fanfiction.

Reading books can help you:

  • get to know the world and people better;
  • escape from loneliness;
  • train your cognitive skills;
  • develop your imagination;
  • get rid of stress and bad thoughts;
  • If you’re bored;
  • find a purpose in life;
  • If you need support and inspiration;
  • learn more words and have beautiful literary speech;
  • have several prepared topics for communicating with new people.

Since the problem of cultural education among young people is so acute, many celebrities have decided to show by their own example how important it’s to develop, explore new topics and that a good book is a great alternative to a Wednesday night party when you need to go to work in the morning.

Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco, who has become a fashion icon and representative of the Chanel fashion house, has a philosophy degree. She is more concerned than anyone else to instill in people a love of good literature. This young and active woman became the founder of a literary salon called “Literary rendezvous on rue Cambon.” At the meetings of this literary salon, Coco Chanel’s favorite books and works of contemporary authors will be discussed. You can find more information and details in this article.

A beautiful cover doesn’t guarantee success, but it gives an impetus for a more careful study. And the study begins with positive emotions.

However, no matter how beautiful a person’s appearance is, people remember their emotions from communicating with us at the end of a conversation. The final opinion is made based on how much your “inner world” coincided with their “inner world.”

Featured Image by Amarena7 via Wikimedia Commons