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Why Schoola is now my number one stop for kids clothing

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A few weeks ago Kristen at The Frugal Girl shared the new children’s clothing site, Schoola, and I immediately hopped over to check it out.

The premise is this: families donate gently used clothing to Schoola on behalf of their schools. You buy the clothes online at consignment shop prices and 40% of the proceeds are donated directly to that school.

Thrift store and consignment sale shopping is totally overwhelming for me. I find it exhausting and frustrating, even when I’m by myself, and my girls all want a say in their clothing choices these day, which means 9 times out of 10, I choose to shop online instead of dragging them into a store.

With Schoola, you can shop online and sort by size, color, type or category, with hundreds of items to choose from. Each item includes a detailed picture and information about the brand, quality and condition. And there are tons of higher quality brands, which means the clothes look better and last longer than some of our cheaper Old Navy purchases for the same price.

I decided to start with some more leggings and Christmas outfits for the girls. I’ll be honest – it took me a while to sort through the options and make choices, but I really could not be happier with our purchases. Other than one pair of pants that were adult size rather than kids’ size (which was completely my fault for not paying attention) and one pair of leggings that our 5 year old said were too tight at the waist, everybody loves their clothes, and they are all high quality and in great condition.

I spent $80 shipped (after my coupon) and got all of this:


I’ve been raving about it on Facebook ever since I first visited the site, and when our order arrived yesterday it exceeded my expectations in every way, so I decided you all needed to know about it as well!

Is this the cheapest way to buy children’s clothing? No, probably not, especially for those of you who are good at yard sales/thrift stores/consigning. But for us, it feels like a great option and one we’ll be using often.

Pros of Schoola:

  • shopping from home
  • high quality brand name clothes in good condition
  • purchases benefit schools
  • free shipping over $50

Cons of Schoola:

  • not a lot of baby choices
  • can’t touch and try on clothes ahead of time
  • tons of choices to sort through
  • shipping is too expensive to buy just a few items

Shop through my link and get a $15 credit on your next order. You can still use the 25% coupon that pops up when you visit the site to save on your first order, and then apply the $15 coupon to your second (and share your link to earn credits on future orders as well).