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Why Study for a Master’s in Germany Post-COVID?

The outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has been a very unexpected occurrence for human beings. The coronavirus forced the world to confine us to our homes to break the chain and curb the disease’s spread. Due to the sudden lockdown, the world came to a virtual standstill. We started working from home. From business to education, every sector started expanding online. Now, when the coronavirus vaccines have made their way across the world, it is high time to resume our normal routine life. As we all know, education in a traditional classroom setup is always more beneficial than studying virtually. Thus, Germany, widely known for its education system, has decided to open universities in a phased manner. So, it is the right time to pursue a master’s in Germany for career advancement.

For ages now, Germany has been an attraction for international students for higher education. Additionally, the government of Germany provides education to all students at a relatively nominal cost. Therefore, students from across the world come to Germany to get an education on a pre-decided budget. However, the battle with coronavirus disease is still underway, the government and universities in Germany are taking mandatory steps to provide education to students without compromising their health.  

A study conducted by the Germany International Student Statistics 2020 reveals that the number of students from foreign countries has grown by 30.9 percent in five years, from 2014 to 2019. Furthermore, international students’ count has increased to 5.3 percent within a year, from 2018 to 2019. In 2020, Germany had also expected to reach a total of 3,50,000 international students by the end of the year, data suggests. The data shows that Germany is one of the most preferred locations for pursuing higher education among international students. 

Why should students study for a master’s in Germany post-COVID?

There are innumerable reasons which will make you consider studying for a master’s degree in Germany. A few of these points are mentioned in this article:

  • Access to the healthcare system: Germany’s government has given healthcare access to every individual residing in the country. The government has arranged a good number of practitioners just to treat severely ill people.
  • Taking effective measures to control the disease: The vaccination drive has begun in Germany. Still, the government is taking all necessary steps to prevent the spread of the disease. It is always advisable to wear a mask and to maintain social distancing in the public area.
  • Lower or no tuition fees: In 2014, most public universities in Germany have introduced tuition-free education. Since then only, almost every university in the country charges a small amount for administrative fees. 
  • High education quality: Germany holds a tradition of qualitative education, excelling curriculum as well as infrastructure. Academic courses in Germany are globally recognized and focus on making students a future manager, leader, consultant, or entrepreneur. 

If you desire to learn in the land of ideas and give your career a new height, then enroll in the course today!

Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay