Will You Invest 15 Minutes a Day in Your Marriage?

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the 15-minute marriage makeoverLet’s face it — marriage is hard.

I’ve shared some of our story before, and it’s a story we’re still writing, but the bottom line is that we’ve been through some really tough times and lived to tell the story.

It doesn’t matter who you are or how long you’ve been married — we all risk falling into a rut that keeps us from really connecting with our spouses. And when that happens, walls begin to build up between us.

We’re actually doing a class at church right now around the principles of the book Sacred Marriage, and yesterday our teacher presented some really interesting facts:

  • In 1911, the average marriage lasted 28 years before one spouse passed away.
  • In 1967, that average stretched to 42 years.
  • Today, couples who stay together could very likely be married for 60-70 years.

While there’s obviously beautiful benefits of having those extra decades together, it also means that there’s 30-40 more years for something to go wrong. It means we have to be that much more diligent to protect and invest in our marriages!

Dustin Reichmann from Engaged Marriage is passionate about equipping couples to have strong, healthy marriages, and he’s just released his new ebook, The 15-Minute Marriage Makeover.

This ebook is an amazing resource for couples. It’s not just for couples in trouble,  but also for couples who have allowed busyness to get between them. It’s for couples who want to strengthen their marriage now, before the issues and problems show up, and who want to make their relationship a priority but aren’t sure how to do that in the midst of their busy lives.

What I love most about this ebook is that it’s realistic. We’re not talking about finding an hour each day in your overly full schedule. Nope, just 15 minutes. 15 minutes a day for 28 days. Can you find that much time?

Sean and I are going to be working through this book this month, and I’m excited to see what happens over the course of four weeks. Our marriage is good, but it’s easy to put it on the back burner, and I don’t want to do that. I want our marriage — and him — to be a priority in my life!

For the next five days, Dustin is offering The 15-Minute Marriage Makeover at a special launch price of $17! On Saturday, that price goes up to $27, so be sure to get yours now.