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Working from Home: A Guide to Achieve Success

After having children, you decided to start up your own business and work from home. Working out of your home gives you flexibility, something important to moms who are always in high demand. However, it’s a delicate balancing act, as you need to make money to afford the advantage of being home. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to have it all. 

Setting Limitations 

One of the hardest parts of working from home is having time to complete your work. One way to achieve this is to set limitations with your family. Have a talk with them ahead of time and make it clear that when you sit in your chair, it’s time to work. 

Ask for Help 

You have work to do and, if you have a to-do list a mile long, you’re setting yourself up for failure from the start. You can’t do everything, so instead of going it alone, delegate some of the household duties to your children and your spouse. This will free up valuable time and allow you to make a good living working from home. 


To make money working from home, you need to have a system in place and conveniences that make the environment more friendly. For instance, a fast computer will allow you to move from one screen to the next quickly. If you receive packages often due to the nature of your business, it’s essential that they remain damage-free. Relying solely on a mailbox may not cut it, especially if the packages are a little over the size to fit in the box properly. Investing in something like a parcel lockbox will make it easy to retrieve packages and guarantee that they are safe from the elements. 

A Designated Work Space 

If you want to make money to live comfortably, your kitchen table isn’t the answer. Creating a space of your own with a desk, a good quality chair, and office supplies is necessary. Preferably, you should have a room with a door that you can close to remove yourself from household distractions. However, if that’s not possible, a partial wall will do for the short-term. 

The Schedule 

You left your 9-5 job so that you have the freedom to come and go as needed. However, you still need to put in the hours to produce the salary. While you don’t have to sit in traffic and stress over arriving at the office on time, you will need to create a work schedule. If you have younger children in daycare, a split shift may be your best option. It will give you 4-5 hours early in the day, and then when they head off to bed, you can work a few more hours. 

Leaving the Office 

When you work from home, you may have the tendency to check your e-mail often. However, even if you receive an e-mail later in the day that brings with it a new assignment, it’s best to leave it for the next day. Many work-at-home moms suffer from work overload mode and want to continue working longer than they should. Treat the at-home job the same as you did working at the office. When you leave for the day, the new work will wait until tomorrow. 

Branding Your Business 

Successfully running a business from home requires dedication and an excellent marketing campaign. Branding your business is a critical component that can set your business apart from others offering similar services or products. Knowing your target customers and meeting their needs will put you in a good position to earn more. 

Working from home is something that, up until now, you only dreamed about. With dedication, limitations, and commitment, you can raise your family and work from the convenience of your own home.