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Working Moms – Flexible Hours for Legal Professionals & Solicitors

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Working in the legal profession typically means long hours and high stress, not to mention intensive study to meet continuing competency requirements. Whether you’re a solicitor, barrister, paralegal, or legal executive, you’ll be used to high pressure and endless days. 

For many legal professionals, however, the daily grind of working for a traditional law firm can become monotonous. As you attempt to juggle your job role with your other commitments, it soon becomes clear that the legal industry isn’t particularly flexible. 

For working parents, in particular, traditional legal patterns simply don’t fit with your lifestyle. No matter what age your children are, the exceptionally long hours and high demands prevent you from spending as much time as home as you’d like and gaining freedom as a legal consultant.

Of course, this isn’t the only barrier to working in a traditional role within the legal profession. While scheduling family time is difficult, preparing for unforeseen circumstances can be extremely challenging, if not impossible. If your child becomes unwell or requires extra care, for example, you may struggle to take time off work at short notice.

Although legal professionals are entitled to statutory maternity leave and unpaid parental leave, the reality of working in a law firm can make this difficult. In such a competitive environment, many parents feel that they will be unfairly penalized if they use their parental rights to strike a healthier work/life balance.

Working in the legal profession: A new era

Flexible working has become increasingly popular in recent years, and the legal profession is beginning to reflect this change. If you’re tired of balancing the competing demands of your job and your role as a parent, it’s time to explore the possibilities of working in a new way. 

Innovative organizations, such as Excello Law, are giving legal professionals to work on their own terms. With an extensive office network, legal consultants have the opportunity to work alongside their colleagues or to base themselves at home. The focus on freedom and flexibility ensures lawyers can maximize their productivity and self-manage their working lives. 

As more legal professionals look for agile working options, the possibility of joining a forward-thinking law firm becomes increasingly attractive. Until now, lawyers who wanted to obtain more flexibility were forced to either search for a part-time position or work on a self-employed basis. 

However, part-time legal roles are hard to find and may not offer as much flexibility as they think. Similarly, self-employed roles can be tricky to manage, particularly as you’ll be responsible for running a business, as well as your own client list. 

With new organizational structures, however, you can gain maximum flexibility while still benefiting from the security of being part of a team. In addition to this, the latest working environments give you unlimited access to centralized support services, such as admin, secretarial, paralegal, and IT services. Furthermore, you can benefit from professional indemnity insurance (PII), compliance support, document management, and automated billing and finance. 

Balancing your life and your career

Motherhood is the toughest job there is, and it’s one that never ends! Whether you’re thinking about starting a family, struggling to find childcare for a toddler, or dealing with a tempestuous teen, having a flexible career is vital. While motherhood may enhance your negotiation skills. It isn’t always easy to combine your roles as a legal professional and a loving parent. 

Working in the legal profession requires commitment, drive, and ambition, but this needn’t come at a price. After committing to years of studying to reach your goals, you shouldn’t feel forced to choose between your family and career. By choosing a new way of working, you can excel at work and be present at home too. 

Although the legal industry is rooted in tradition, new working practices are finally making their mark on the profession. As technological advances make it easier than ever to work flexibility and remotely, you can benefit from this shift in behavior. Legal professionals working across all areas can unlock the freedom their roles offer by embracing innovative ways of managing their caseloads. 

Whether you’re drafting contracts, meeting with clients, or appearing in the High Court, working flexibly means you can manage your workload and shape your career to suit your lifestyle. With more parents looking for ways to balance their family lives with their professional duties, a new era in the working patterns of legal professionals is long overdue and eagerly awaited.