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101 Days of Christmas: Wrapping Paper Bows

Wrapping Paper Bows {101 Days of Christmas at}

Who needs store-bought bows with so many handmade bows to choose from?

I first heard of making wrapping paper bows when Amanda from posted her gift wrap bows tutorial a few years ago, but it wasn’t until this year that I got around to trying them for myself. I’m not sure why I waited so long because these are so fun!

The great thing about these is you can make them in any size or color you want. Use the same wrapping paper that you wrap each gift in or add contrast with a coordinating paper. Make ’em big. Make ’em little. There really are so many options once you have the basic method down.How to Make Wrapping Paper Bows {101 Days of Christmas at}Supplies:

  • wrapping paper
  • tape
  • scissors


Cut a wide strip of wrapping paper off your roll and cut that strip into three individual pieces — a large one for the bow itself, a small one to wrap around the middle and a medium one to form the “tails” of the bow. Err on the side of making it too long rather than too short because you can always cut off the excess as you go.

Fold both ends of the big piece in toward the middle, wrong sides together, to make a loop. Use your hand and squeeze the middle of that loop together to form the loops of the bow.

Wrap the small piece of paper around the middle tightly several times. Trim off any excess paper and tape in place.

Cut the remaining strip in half and add angled cuts at the bottom (make sure they angle in opposite directions!). Trim to size and tape to the back of the bow.

Add to a present or use them to decorate your tree!

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