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Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow in the Life of Katie Kimball

I’m excited to introduce a new series we’ll be doing at Life Your Way, called “Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow in the Life of…” Each week I’ll post an interview with someone as they share how their past has shaped who they are today as well as who they hope to be in the future. We’re starting with the Life Your Way contributors, but I’d love to include readers as well. If you’d like to participate, just send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll send you a questionnaire!

Today’s interview is with Katie Kimball of Kitchen Stewardship:

source: Kitchen Stewardship


1. Looking back on your childhood, what events do you think shaped who you are today?

I had a very stable childhood, living in the same house with the same friends around for most of my life. Growing up in a tiny town (pop: 3000) definitely shaped much of who I am.

Cornerstone events include:

  • Foundation of a Montessori education in preschool/kindergarten – a style of learning I’ll never forget!
  • Being the “bossy girl” and getting called out on the carpet for it – by other kids and teachers. I had to learn both to grow a thick skin and become a better, more sensitive friend.
  • My aunt’s loving Confirmation sponsorship in Junior High helped blossom my faith and love for community service.
  • When I was 14, I traveled to Germany for a writing workshop for 2 weeks. One of the youngest there, my eyes were opened to an entire world of people different from my homogenous hometown. I came back changed, a bit cynical, and with a lot of spunk to just “be different.”
  • Thankfully, the following summer I attended a Christian Leadership Institute, which again shifted my worldview and re-centered me on what’s important. I guarantee the without those two experiences, my high school days would have mapped out in another direction and I would be a totally different person today.

2. Were you always a green, real foodie?


Green, yes, but that has evolved over the years as I’ve matured, of course. I’ve always had a deep faith, thanks to my father and some of those cornerstone experiences from question one. (I even discerned the convent in high school, but got a boyfriend instead!)

And real food? I’ve always been interested in food and striven to eat healthily, but the face of that is radically altered now. I just discovered the traditional foods philosophy two years ago. I also never would have expected myself to be developing and sharing recipes with the world with some of my early distaste for and disasters in the kitchen!

source: Kitchen Stewardship

3. How would you describe yourself today?

Frazzled! At this exact moment in time, I’m running an expanding online business, trying to sell a house, growing a baby, and working to be the best parent I can to the two kids I have.

Oh, and I make everything from scratch. I feel like my head is just barely above water, but if I look up and stick my nose out, I can still breathe.

And the old 3 words to describe your personality? Driven. Well-intentioned. Academic.

Um — Faithful.  Mother. Protective. Questioning. Counter-cultural. Feisty. And doesn’t always follow directions, especially with that old “3 words” thing.

4. What do you most love about your life?

My faith, my husband, my kids, and any opportunity I get to relax and enjoy it all.

5. What would other people be surprised to know about you?

That I don’t buy anywhere close to everything organic, and sometimes I toss a piece of paper in the trash instead of recycling because I just feel lazy. (Shhh!)

Also, I had a “Goth” phase for about two days in high school and also dyed my hair purple (for a week). 😉

source: Kitchen Stewardship

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

Can an almost-11-year-old, very responsible boy babysit his little siblings? Because I’m really looking forward to that day, and I’ll nearly be there in 5 years.

Actually, my track feels pretty set – I don’t have big goals for myself like I did 10 years ago. It’s about maintaining and growing what I have now: my marriage, my children, most likely my blog. I’ve only been at the blog thing 2 years, so it’s almost strange to think about 5 years down the road. I just hope I feel slightly less frazzled…

And 10 years? I’ll be exactly 40, so I had better be enjoying the fruits of my life’s labor by then! Ha!

7. What legacy do you hope to leave behind?

Faithful children who know right from wrong, have compassion for their fellow human beings, and have a deep prayer life willing to commit themselves to God. If I get a priest or a nun in the bunch, I will be blessed beyond what I deserve.

Katie Kimball is a mom of two who spends a ton of time in the kitchen making real food with whole ingredients and then blogs about her successes and failures at Kitchen Stewardship. She believes everything in life is a gift from God and should be taken care of wisely.