Your Memories Have a Voice Waiting to Be Heard {Part 3}

One of the most common questions Life Your Way readers ask when we talk about decluttering and organizing is how to organize photos. Over the next three weeks, we’ll be talking about all things photo-related with a special series from the Association of Personal Photo Organizers!

The following is written by Lisa Kurtz:

Your Memories have a voice, just waiting to be heard.
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We’ve been talking about the memories you capture on video and how to convert, organize, and preserve them for the long term. But the bigger goal is getting them into your everyday life in ways that help you celebrate and remember your life as a family.

Home Movie Marathons can happen from time to time, but they aren’t always practical. When I think about our own Home Movies, our collection has over 100 hours of footage!

So let’s look at some fun, simple alternatives.

1. Make video albums by combining still photos, video clips, and music.

You have photos, you have video, and you probably have music preferences unique to you. So why not combine your favorites for a fun ‘movie’ that your family can enjoy.

This was the preferred solution for my sister in law, who felt overwhelmed with scrapbooking and couldn’t keep up. Now, she has yearly video albums that take her most important photos from the year, combined with short video clips and music. She adds some words to capture the story and ends up with an hour long Family Movie for that year. Of course, she still prints some of her best photos, and slips a few into an album for safe keeping.

There are several affordable software programs that are easy to use, and many of you likely have Movie Maker or iMovie already.

2. Make video snapshots.

There are also some great online services like Animoto that make it easy for you to upload and combine your images/video for shorter movies. This type of online service makes it easy to create and share your completed videos by email or on social media sites and your family blog.

I use this service to make birthday greetings for family and friends, or to share a recent trip with my Facebook community. And it accommodates shorter video clips for a combined effect. At Christmas, I made a 3 minute Video Newsletter to recap our year and offer Christmas greetings to our friends and family.

I’m already planning my next project as a gift for my extended family. When I had my in-laws 35 mm movies converted to DVD, there was no sound on those old movies! So over the next few months I will use my Flip cam, and interview mom and dad to create some dialogue that I can use as a voice over.

They are in their 80’s now, and have years of fun family stories. I’ll use their voices, video clips of them storytelling, and some family photos. I’ll add some of mom’s favourite Jim Reeves music and our Family History movie will be complete. Bring on the Kleenex!

Long or short video’s, you choose! But have fun, and give it a try. You’ll awaken your senses in new ways as you capture and celebrate life’s most important moments together as a family.

Do you have a system for recording your memories?

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Lisa is a wife and a mom of adult kids, and has a passion for helping others celebrate life through their photos and videos. She is the co owner of Your Photo Organizer, a business dedicated to helping people discover simple solutions for their photos and memories. She is also a member of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers.