You are currently viewing ZonePerfect® bars at Target for easy {chocolate-y!} snacks on the go!

ZonePerfect® bars at Target for easy {chocolate-y!} snacks on the go!

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We are on the go a lot. A LOT. And because we live so far “from town,” that means we eat a lot of meals and snacks on the road. (I always laugh when people say their kids aren’t allowed to eat in the car. Oh how I wish we could have that rule, but I’m fairly certain my children would starve!)

When ZonePerfect® and Target invited me to check out the selection of ZonePerfect® bars at the store, I was excited for an excuse to pick up some chocolate while we were out!

I wasn’t entirely sure where to find the bars, and the Target employee I asked in the grocery section pretty much blew my mind when he sent me to aisle A38 all the way across the store in health & beauty to find them! I kinda wanted to ask him where a dozen other products were as well just to see if he could tell me!

After waddling our my way back to the front of the store, my oldest daughter and I scouted out the flavors available, debating between the ZonePerfect® flavors (she was voting for Chocolate Mint or Strawberry Yogurt, but I can’t resist chocolate-almond anything!) before I finally pulled the pregnant mama card and chose Chocolate Almond Raisin.

We finished up our Target shopping with a few pacis for the toddler (who seems to specialize in losing them!) and a few new onesies for the new baby, and I couldn’t wait to get my bar open once we got to the car!

And to make it even better, from now through September 5th, you can save 5% on Perfectly Simple™ bars at Target with this special Cartwheel offer PLUS you’ll get a free $5 gift card when you purchase 3 or more ZonePerfect® products.

Because the only thing better than chocolate is chocolate on sale!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Abbott Nutrition. The opinions and text are all mine.