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10 Things to Teach Your Kids Before They Are 10

It is easier for children to miss out on learning practical life skills and basic ethics now than it was ever before. How do you teach your child what they need to know to survive in today’s world? While technology is amazing, you can find a lot of tools on the internet that can help with your child’s growth and development. There is also a lot of information on the internet that can hamper the growth of your little one.

In fact, it is not just the children who are suffering. Many parents are so hooked to screens or their separate lives that they often miss out on teaching their kids basic life skills. This list is a start on the things your child must know before they are 10:

Helping out With Chores

The earlier you teach your child to help out with chores around the house, the easier it will be for them to incorporate these skills into their lives. Do not start off by giving your child a huge workload; start off by making them do small things.

For example, tell the little one to put their dishes in the sink when they are done eating or ask them to put away their toys when they are done playing. You can also ask them to dust small pieces of furniture. You can also try to make chores fun for them or portray them as a way for them to spend quality time with you. 

Cleaning up 

It is essential that you get your child used to clean rooms and bathrooms at an early age and make sure that these things are not always handed to them. 

Make your little one clean their room if it is not orderly. You can start off by directing them and then slowly handing over the entire process to them. 

If anything, cleaning up their room will help your child realize the importance of staying organized. 

Planting Trees

Teach Planting
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While planting seeds is an activity that most children learn in their preschool days, it is also important for them to transfer sprouts into the soil and how to grow entire trees on their own.

When they put in the effort to plant seeds, your child will also make an effort into watching it grow because of which they take care of it and water it amply. 

Planting trees is great for the environment, and it will help your child learn the importance of taking care of something to help it grow.

It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, be it humans or children. Children need to understand that it is alright to make mistakes and that it is the best way to learn anything. Be compassionate with your child when they mess up to boost their confidence and to tell them that they will get it right the next time. 

If you berate your child for making mistakes, they will be afraid to mess up, which means they will be afraid to try new things.

Respect Everyone

Parents often let their prejudices loose in front of their children. The problem is that children soak up information around them like sponges; they learn from their parents more than anyone else. 

So set your prejudices aside and teach your child to be kind and considerate to everyone: elders, younger children, and their own peers. Teaching your child to respect everyone will prevent them from developing any prejudices later in life as well.

They can Discuss Anything with You

Talking with Child
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Children do have an element of fear with their parents since they are afraid of having their disapproval. Understand the childish mindset of your little ones and let them know that they can discuss anything with you. 

If your children are not able to rely on you in times of distress, they might turn to more dangerous means. And even if they do not, they will be suffering in silence, which is a nightmare for all loving parents.

The World is a Vast and Diverse Place

It is difficult to see how vast the world truly is from the place you live in, no matter how diverse it is. So make sure your child gets some perspective on how vast the world is when they are young. To do so, take them on vacations all over the world. You can get in touch with some of the top corporate travel agencies and take your child on business trips too if you cannot spare much time for separate vacations.

Being Bold

It is also very important that your child learn to be bold from an early age. Understand that they must not be over-confident and be able to recognize their own mistakes. But at the same time, make sure your child has a voice and the ability to voice their own concerns in any matter. This will help them develop social skills, as well. 

Ask Questions

Teach your child the importance of asking questions. Children are naturally curious souls, so one way to do that is by answering any questions they have honestly and truthfully. It is also alright to admit if you do not know the answer to some of their queries but always reassure them that you will get back to them when you have the answer. 

Asking questions will help your little one to understand the world a little better. If they pretend to understand what they have been taught, they will struggle greatly. If anything, this skill will help them greatly with their academics. 

Be Kind to the Environment

It is very important to teach the young generation about the environment from an early age so that they can incorporate environment-friendly habits from when they are young. Teach them not to litter, to recycle, to plant trees, and keep their surroundings clean; however, they can. You can do interesting little recycling projects for the kids to help them learn the importance of these habits. 

While schools do their part in teaching kids about the environment, the message does not completely settle in unless the same principles are implemented at home as well.