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3 Common Marriage Problems to Discuss with Your Partner

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No matter how long they’ve been together, couples will run into problems with each other. Part of the communicative process is understanding how to have an open conversation. This discussion is a vital part of resolving any marriage conflict.

It can sometimes be difficult on either side of the relationship. You can communicate with your partner better if you look out for some universal issues. This article will discuss three common marriage communication problems that come from the office of Lee A. Schwartz, a busy Philadelphia divorce lawyer.

Differences in Spending Habits

It probably isn’t a shock to you that finances are one of the most common topics of potential conflict within marriages. In fact, a study by The Cashlorette in 2018 reported that 48% of Americans in relationships argue with their partner about money. One person in a marriage may focus on saving more, while the other may choose to spend more freely.

This divide in spending mindsets can lead to further conflicts if not discussed. One person may think that as long as a couple covers their bills, they can spend extra shared money however they want, harming potential long-term savings and investments.

Any enormous spending within a marriage necessitates open conversation beforehand. Financial infidelity occurs when one spouse decides to hide their money from the other. This only leads to more fighting that will further harm your marriage.

Spending habits
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Forgetting Their Everyday Interests

When was the last time you asked your spouse about a TV show they’ve enjoyed recently? How about a great song they’ve heard from a radio or streaming service? If you have to think for more than a minute to answer, then these are signs that you might need to reconnect with your partner’s everyday interests. They likely have to do so on their side as well.

You have affection for the person you married. At one point, you established a connection where you learned about each other’s past, life goals, and qualities that make them unique to you. However, we all have daily interests that we incorporate into our lives. These are pastimes that we enjoy and, more importantly, that we choose to share.

Having a long-lasting connection with your spouse involves sharing these everyday interests. If you’ve forgotten them or are simply out of the loop, it might be worth discussing with your partner.

Unhelpful Dialogue

This is the most important issue to look for when examining problems in your marriage. We know that marital difficulties can be stressful and put added pressure on your life. Dialogue between spouses about such issues should be helpful and productive, not ineffective.

It doesn’t help matters when your partner isn’t listening while you’re trying to explain your perspective during disagreements. Situations such as loud, contemptuous, or disrespectful conversations do not aid in resolving any conflict. They only make matters worse by adding further communication issues and anger to the prevailing topic.

Arguments happen in any marriage. Ensure that your partner communicates with you openly and respectfully. If you both can’t properly discuss your different viewpoints, then this is a critical problem of unhelpful dialogue that must be addressed.

Long-term marriages require commitment from both sides to concentrate on issues and solve them. This requires a process of sincere and honest talk. In discussing these problems with your spouse, you can have a more open conversation and address these common marriage problems.

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