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5 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When You Declutter the Office

The office, where clients and business partners come, is the face of every company. And it’s very unpleasant when it doesn’t look very neat! Those who are in it every day and rarely take their eyes off the monitor may not pay attention to dusty curtains and cupboards and dried flowerpots somewhere in the background because of production tasks. It is not at all up to an objective assessment of the situation. But a client who came from outside, taking a fresh look at the somehow washed floors with stains, windows full of flies, dirty keyboards, and cobwebs in the corners, may think that such a company should not be trusted. Will it do the job flawlessly if it cannot put things in order in its own office?

Equity, a property management Cincinnati company, advises that general cleaning of the office should be done several times a year. Ideally, every season. This task is voluminous, long-term, and labor-intensive. But you need to fulfill it. And so that the cleaning does not end up stretching for several days and drawing out all the juices from you, let’s look at the main mistakes when you declutter the office.

Mistake №1: Not having a digital backup

Are you familiar with the problem when the office is littered with a bunch of old documents and papers? All this paperwork is one of the ballasts that drag office work down. Especially when you need to declutter the office, most of the time is probably spent fiddling with papers.

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The introduction of a digital backup is one of the ways to optimize office processes, which allows you to significantly reduce the time for approval and signing of documents, get rid of numerous folders with papers, and significant volumes of exhausting paperwork when you declutter the office.

Mistake №2: Not taking the right precautions

It may seem to you that there is nothing difficult in decluttering the office, and you and your employees can handle it yourself. But if you do not follow all the precautions, then cleaning can be dangerous.

To avoid the consequences for you and the staff, hiring a junk removal and disposal service is worth it. For example, Junk Removal Service USA will help you remove heavy furniture and other junk, disassemble and recycle old equipment, and remove other unnecessary items.

Also, pay attention to safety when cleaning commercial waste, follow instructions, and all safety precautions.

Mistake №3: Not hiring the experts

Why would it be a mistake to think that you or your employees can declutter the office as efficiently as a junk removal service expert? At best, you will scrub the floor, take out the trash, and maybe wipe the work tables. And there are companies in which employees are forced to dust off their desktops, clean keyboards and mice, water flowerpots, and wash windows if they have free time. It is even less common to find a conscientious employee who, on his own initiative, will undertake to shake off cobwebs from the ceiling or wipe a stain on a sofa.

In such a situation, only cleaning companies with real professionals will help you. Nowadays, such firms exist in sufficient numbers – all that remains is to choose the one that best meets all your requirements.

Mistake №4: Going ahead without planning or prep

Cleaning requires a clear plan. Otherwise, you will grab one thing or another, perform several tasks at once, and be distracted from the process. The result is even greater clutter and chaos in the office.

If you decide to declutter the office but have not drawn up an action plan, you run the risk of cleaning up for a long time and dreary, shifting the same things from place to place and lingering for a long time in one area. Therefore, before starting the case, make a list of tasks.

Mistake №5: Improper communication

If you decide to use the junk removal service, the first thing you should pay attention to is communication with them. When you call, you must clarify the type of garbage that they will need to remove, possibly removing some hazardous materials, and so on. The more information you provide, the better they will do their job, thereby making it better for you!


Now you know about the main mistakes to avoid when you declutter the office. This is not an easy job and should not be treated irresponsibly and unprepared. Choose a good junk removal service, trust the experts, and then cleaning in the office will take place without difficulty.

Featured Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay