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5 Timeless Design Ideas for Your Home

Everyone wants their home to stand out, both in the eyes of visitors and on the market. The issue with this comes in the fact that styles and fads come in and out of existence far faster than most people can track, leaving designers precious little time to alter their homes to keep up with what is hot and what inevitably is not. A lot of people don’t have the time nor the resources to keep up with this cycle, so instead, we turn to the timeless design ideas of the past few centuries. But what designs should you choose for your home?

Classic Herringbone

The design of herringbone flooring is truly timeless, the pattern style coming from the first Roman roads and the first example of such a floor being implemented in the Chateau de Fontainebleau in 1539. Herringbone consists of short strips of material laid at alternating 45-degree rows to create almost a spine-like geometric motif. The pattern focuses on the language of the room, allowing a designer to highlight the center point without garish or bland flooring, a perfect choice for any home.

Exposed Brick Walls

Though on paper, the idea of exposing the brick sounds cold and strange, exposed brick actually looks fantastic inside a home or especially within an office building. The brickwork adds a warm yet industrial feel to an office or workspace and an ancient and historical feeling to a home space. Exposed brick can also be changed by whether or not they are painted. Bare brick can feel more heavily industrial, especially if red brick is used, whereas painted brick adds depth and texture to the wall. Keyrenter Merrimack Valley Property Management says this added texture is sure to bring out the color palette of the room, emphasizing the rest of the design choices you have made.

Built-In Bookshelves

built-in bookshelves
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Classical bookshelves built into the wall give a perfect Old-World feeling within any home. The bookshelf can be used to define the feature wall or even be the center point. With well-chosen materials and a clean finish, the recessed bookshelves add a level of sophistication to any room. Varnished smooth cut and painted wood can give a homely feel, whereas uncut wood feels more natural and chaotic, perfect for a fantasy fan. Combine this with a selection of your favorite books, and you have the recipe to turn any of your comfortable rooms into your own spacious and bold library. 


Believe it or not, less can often be more, and it’s never been more so the case than with the minimalist style. Minimalism remains timeless as it doesn’t require huge amounts of styling to perfect. Simply sticking with flat cut surfaces, monochrome color schemes, and open rooms, minimalism is easy to achieve and remains very clean and attractive regardless of the current major styles. Minimalism is also easy to integrate into many other designs, as it can be combined with other styles very simply.

Nature Integration

Many people love living with nature, surrounding themselves with plants, woods, and stones. Integrating your home with nature is one of the best ways to help the environment around you, as well as help you feel less detached from the natural world. Bringing in plants to rest on your countertops is a good start, but one should slowly move to using hanging plants, creepers, and much more for this timeless, beautiful design.

Choosing a timeless design for your home can be tough but rewarding, resulting in a beautiful home space to be lived in or sold. 

Featured Image by jerriek from Pixabay