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5 Vacation Luxuries that are Worth the Splurge

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After the chaos and pause on travel over the last year, you may be looking forward to splurging on an especially noteworthy vacation this summer. Everyone has their own priorities and areas where they’re willing to spend a little more money – deciding between tickets to a new musical or skydiving lessons is mostly a matter of preference. But there are some vacation luxuries that anyone will find to be worth the splurge. Here are five of them.

1: Quality Luggage

It’s no secret that the lower the price of your luggage, the more likely you are to run into problems with it while on your vacation. Torn bags, sticky wheels, and broken zippers are just a few of the annoyances you can face if you decide to choose the cheapest option. The risk is even greater if you travel or vacation regularly. Investing in a quality brand with higher-end materials and a good warranty is one way to potentially cut down on vacation stress and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

2: Nonstop Flights

Figuring out exactly what you’re paying for when it comes to flights is more complicated than ever. Booking a ticket can be an absolute mess of different fees, add-ons, and options. There are, however, very few of these vacation luxuries that are more valuable than a nonstop flight. Business-class is overpriced and overrated for anything but the longest of international flights. Choosing a slightly more expensive nonstop flight over a connecting flight will cut down on travel stress, lessen the chances of missing a flight, and allow you more time on vacation rather than on your way there.

3: Accommodations

You may be thinking that this point is obvious, but there are a surprising number of factors that can go into finding the right accommodations for you. You have to consider how many people are with you on the trip, what kind of accommodation you would prefer to purchase, and your general budget. Small groups of experienced travelers may be content with a hostel or a budget hotel in a good area. At the same time, families may want to look into centrally located hotels to cut down on driving to their various activities. There’s also the world of vacation rentals, ranging from small cabins to massive luxury vacation rentals. The general rule of thumb is to decide what kind of accommodations you’d prefer for your vacation and then get the best of that type within your budget.

4: Waterproof Clothing

rain gear
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If you’re going to a location that regularly experiences rainfall, waterproof clothing is a must. This is doubly true if your vacation involves hiking, mountain biking, or other outdoor activities that will test the difference between clothing that is designed for going in and out of a store during a drizzle and clothing that is meant for heavy rainfall when you’re in the middle of the woods. If you plan on doing those outdoor activities, make sure that you stock up on quality waterproof clothing that will protect you from the elements.

5: A Photo Album

In this digital age, the art of photo albums and scrapbooks has been lost from our everyday lives. It seems easier to share your photos on Facebook or Instagram and allow that to be the end of it. But organizing and preserving your photos in a photo album that exists in the physical world will likely mean that you will look at those photos more often and appreciate the memories of the luxuries of your vacation all the more. Suppose the idea of doing the work yourself is unappealing. In that case, many online services will allow you to customize layouts, cropping, backgrounds, and filters to create a truly professional and unique memento of your trip.

Featured Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay