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5 Ways to Achieve a Great Family Vacation on a Budget

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Inexpensive yet comfortable accommodation

The starting point of any good vacation is choosing your accommodation, and just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you have to miss out on family-friendly comfort. There are several options available to the family on a tighter budget; tents have come a long way in the last decade, while hostels are no longer just for partied out 20 somethings. While the lifestyle entertainment found in a self-catering holiday cottage gives that touch of luxury you wish you could have at home all the time.

Going off the beaten track

Now that you’ve chosen the type of accommodation you need to decide where to vacation. At home or abroad, staying away from the more frequented tourist areas will help keep the price down and take you to some fantastic places. The savvy holidaymaker can find a genuine bargain and escape the loud bustling crowds by exploring the less trendy yet equally attractive neighborhoods a little further out.

Getting creative with self-catered meals

Your family doesn’t need to eat out at expensive restaurants every day to enjoy their vacation. A picnic is enjoyed by everyone and can be had anywhere, be it the beach or by a waterfall. A spread of fresh bread, charcuterie, cheeses, and fruit is simple. It also allows you to cater to a variety of likes and dietary needs. Clean-up will be a breeze with a handy Pro Direct Picnic set.

Street food is a terrific way to taste the local flavors while being friendly on the pocket. Make a game of it with the kids, each choosing something different and then letting everyone try a bite.

Campfire cooking is enjoyed by everyone. Keep it lowkey with sausages on a stick and s’mores, or go a little more upmarket with a barbecue-style dinner. There are so many easy options.

Indoor fun for all ages.

If you run into inclement weather and prefer to stay in, there is still fun to be had. Bring some board games and a deck of cards with you. Long afternoons around the table playing together are a staple memory of many a family.

For the older crowd, once the children have gone to bed, things can be spiced up by pulling out the barware and mixing your own cocktails. Enjoy in the hot tub, over monopoly, or watching the sunset.

Great outdoor activities 

Loads of fun can be found in the great outdoors. There are days at the beach, lake, or river for water fun, such as building sandcastles, exploring rock pools, and splashing in the surf. Build a dam or even try to catch yourself a fish dinner.

A day in the forest is enriching. Don sensible footwear and explore the multitude of well-marked tracks. Check out the local flora and fauna and see how many you can all name. Little ones love running around under the trees, while more strenuous hikes are a rewarding challenge for those with longer legs. 

You can have a great family vacation on a budget by following these tips.

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