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6 Reasons Why Going Green has become a Necessity

The need for going green has become stronger today more than ever owing to the increasing greenhouse effect and drastic climatic change. Various testimonies support this claim. Be it the teen environmentalist making an emotional speech at the United Nations or the naked environmentalists storming the public gallery in the House of Commons to demonstrate against climate change.

1.Improves the Air Quality and Mental Health

According to a World Health Organization report, air pollution causes about seven million premature deaths every year. Going green is proved to be very effective in cleaning the air space that enables you to breathe fresh air. It ensures that you use natural products with fewer toxins over chemically treated ones. Not only that, but it also has a prominent effect on your mental health. An eco-friendly lifestyle will contribute to a happier and stress-free life. A study conducted by Natural England stated that people who participate in nature-based activities suffer from lower levels of stress, anxiety, and depression compared to those who do not.

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2. Ensures a Clean and Sustainable Environment  

Going green considerably reduces the carbon footprint on the environment. By lessening the pollution, you contribute to conserving resources and reducing energy consumption to ensure a clean and sustainable environment. It is also very effective in slowing down the consequences of climate change, which is increasing at an alarming rate. Greenhouse emission is the highest contributing factor to climate change. When you go green, you reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in the environment that slows the earth’s warming.

3. It Adds Durability to Your Home

An eco-house uses greener alternatives to conventional products and hence ensures durability. For instance, the modern LED lights are more energy-efficient, cheaper, and more durable than the traditional incandescent bulbs that consume a lot of energy and produce an excess of heat. Eco-friendly homes mostly use naturally made products, be it kitchen utensils, bedsheets, or even undergarments. These products made from renewable materials such as wood, cork, bamboo, etc., not only last long but also are easily disposed of. For example, Ecoy’s underwear range is sustainably sourced; hence they create less wastage. The factory uses a closed-loop system to ensure chemicals and waste are recycled and managed before the yarn is spun with organic bamboo.

4. Boosts Creativity

Going green is efficient in increasing the cognitive abilities of an individual. It helps reduce the problem of stress and anxiety that increases the creative quotient of a person. In addition to that, Recycle and Reuse are common practices of going green that spark creativity. A lot of imagination and innovation add value to the products that have lived out their useful stretches.

5. Helps Conserve Water

According to a report by Worldwide Life, some 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to water, and 2.7 billion faces the problem of water scarcity for at least one month of the year. Some researchers have even predicted that the third world war would be fought for potable water! Green living ensures that you do your bit in saving water from being wasted. Most eco-houses practice rainwater harvesting that saves rainwater, which can be used later. In addition to that, a total absence of bathroom showers helps conserve a lot of water that would otherwise go waste. They have dual flush systems that reduce the water consumption of cisterns by two times.

6. Helps Reduce Cost

An eco-friendly house eliminates conventional household items that consume a lot of energy and uses natural and safe alternatives instead of comparatively more durable and hence helps you cut down the house’s maintenance cost. It uses energy-efficient electrical appliances such as LED lights, Green Air Conditioners, etc., that produce less heat and are easy on the pocketbook. Eco-house extensively uses Recycle and Reuse practices that save you the additional cost of buying fresh articles.

We can conclude that the best time to Go Green is now when the environment is almost on the verge of succumbing to the pressure posed by human activities.

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