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6 Things to Remember When Buying a Waffle Maker

Buying a waffle maker is a good way to upgrade your kitchen, especially if you love making waffles for your family. Waffles are great for breakfast but you can eat them at any meal of the day. For starters purchasing a waffle maker may seem like an easy task- walking into a store and getting one. However, not making all the right considerations could leave you with a waffle maker that doesn’t suit your cooking needs. Whether you want a simple or sophisticated waffle maker, here are the features to consider.

Brand reputation

You will encounter different brands when buying a waffle maker. Well-known brands tend to be trusted and get more sales even when the price of the waffle maker is high. The reason is that they guarantee quality. Start by looking for your favorite brands to see if you get one that meets your needs. When you encounter a brand, you don’t know, first research the resale value of the waffle maker and see what others say about it in the reviews. 

Ease of use

For many people, a simple waffle maker is perfect. After all, you want something you can work with on a lazy morning and still manage to make the crispy waffles you like. It is best to stick to a waffle maker’s basic working mechanisms, especially if you are a novice cook. You don’t want the complicated task of controlling the temperature, fiddle the plates, and so forth.


Some waffle makers are as simple as they come. Others have some bonus features you will enjoy using. Remember that having a say in the airiness or crispiness of your waffles is a good thing as it allows you to make waffles your family likes. Also, you need a machine with temperature control to decide whether you want your waffles brown or golden brown every time you are making some.

Some waffle makers are multifunctional to cater to different food preparations. For instance, you can opt for one with plates that flip to become a flat cooking surface you can use to prepare eggs or pancakes. A multipurpose waffle maker is a good idea, especially if you don’t have much space to accommodate various kitchen machines.

Indicator/alert light functionality

With some waffle makers, you might be forced to lift the lid to know if the waffle is ready or not. That can mess up the cooking process and even ruin your waffles. Therefore it is best to get a waffle maker with alert light functionality that notifies you when a waffle is ready. However, avoid confusing the indicator light with the alert light as many people do. Check the manual of the waffle maker to know what the lights indicate before purchasing.

Flip function

A flip function is one of the features of a good waffle maker. Some waffle makers are designed so that the bottom side cooks faster and tends to make crispier waffles than the top. But a flip function allows the waffle to cook evenly on both sides.

Ease of cleaning

Choose a waffle maker that is easy to clean and maintain. Find out whether the grids are removable and what the interior plate is made of so that you use the right cleaning methods.

Featured Image by patikaipmuzika from Pixabay