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8 Fun Games to Create the Best 90th Birthday Party Ever

When celebrating a milestone like a 90th birthday, making it memorable is the top priority. While honoring a loved one’s remarkable journey in life, incorporating engaging and enjoyable games can spice up the event. This blog post aims to provide eight exciting games to make any 90th birthday party memorable. These games will bring laughter and help create lasting memories for the guest of honor and all who attend.

1. Name That Decade:

For the first of many 90th birthday celebration ideas, kickstart the celebration by testing everyone’s knowledge with “Name That Decade.” Create a playlist with hit songs from different eras, covering every decade of the honoree’s life. Divide guests into teams and challenge them to guess which decade each song belongs to. This game encourages reminiscing and sparks nostalgic conversations as participants recall their favorite melodies.

2. Trivia Challenge:

Put everyone’s memory to the test with a trivia challenge that focuses on historical events from different periods during the honoree’s lifetime. Before the party, compile multiple-choice questions based on significant historical moments such as major inventions, iconic movies, or noteworthy world events. Provide answer sheets for guests to mark down their responses as they compete against one another or in small teams.

3. Walk Down Memory Lane:

Create a visual experience by curating a photo timeline of key moments from the honoree’s life, including family vacations, graduations, weddings, and other significant milestones. Hang these photos around the venue or present them as a slide show during dinner. Encourage guests to discuss each image and reminisce about shared memories while celebrating nine decades of living.

4. “This Is Your Life” Scavenger Hunt:

Add an interactive element with a scavenger hunt centered around the honoree’s life story. Prepare clues that lead participants to different locations or objects related to the guest of honor’s past experiences, such as their favorite childhood book or where they had their first job. Incorporate fun challenges or trivia questions at each stop to further engage guests and evoke laughter throughout the activity.

5. Time Capsule Message Jar:

Set up a “Time Capsule Message Jar” station to create a meaningful keepsake for the honoree. Decorate a jar with the party theme and provide small pieces of paper and pens for guests to write heartfelt messages or memorable stories about the celebrant. Collect each message in the jar as a symbolic representation of love, admiration, and cherished memories they can revisit on special occasions.

6. Balloon Pop Game:

To inject some lighthearted competition into the celebration, organize a balloon pop game with surprise messages inside each balloon. Write unique dares or fun facts related to the honoree on small slips of paper and place one inside each balloon. Guests take turns popping balloons while following instructions or sharing interesting facts. This game adds excitement and creates an atmosphere of celebration and joy.

7. Generational Photo Contest:

Encourage guests to connect across generations while capturing beautiful moments by hosting a generational photo contest. Divide guests into groups representing different age ranges (i.e., children, teenagers, adults), then challenge them to take creative, themed photos together using props provided at various photo booths around the venue—award prizes for the most imaginative, funny, or heartwarming photos during later parts of the celebration.

8. Musical Chair Memories:

Give a classic game like musical chairs a sentimental twist by making it all about memories. Arrange chairs in a circle and attach photos or small mementos from different moments in the honoree’s life onto each chair. As the music plays, participants walk around the chairs, reminiscing over each picture or item as they pass by. When the music stops, guests quickly find seats and share their favorite memories connected to the chosen picture or item.


By integrating these eight interactive games into their upcoming 90th birthday party celebration, you’ll create an event that entertains and honors your loved one’s remarkable life journey. From music trivia to memorable scavenger hunts, these games foster connections between generations while ensuring laughter fills every corner of this milestone occasion. Remember that these games are templates; feel free to personalize them according to the guest of honor’s preferences and cherished memories.