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Adding Retro Inspiration to Your Home – A Decor Guide

There are many ways in which you can decorate a home space. Some prefer to enjoy ultra-modern minimalism. Some prefer warm, rustic, and inviting. What matters is how this appeals to your tastes and the function of those living within such an environment.

Of course, sometimes, some rules must stay in place no matter our preferences. For instance, it might be that when purchasing a cottage, the amazing wooden beams in the ceiling give a property its character, to the point where it might feel somewhat out of sorts to remove those or replace them entirely.

Many are starting to look towards one popular decor consideration implies that ‘retro’ inspiration aesthetic, but what does that mean exactly? After all, a retro feel can sometimes be inspired by 80s iconography, 70s chic, or just the kind of decoration you remember in childhood.

Typically, the nostalgia period of note comes from the decade preceding the current one by about 20-30 years. In ten years then, perhaps a 2000s aesthetic will be the chicest retro-nostalgia of all. 

But how can you add that retro inspiration to your home? In this post, we’ll discuss that and more:

Consider Appliances & Fixtures

It’s important to consider the appliances and fixtures of your home if you’re hoping to achieve that retro inspiration sense of decors. Of course, this can go as extreme a length as you desire. Still, if you’re just hoping for some of that quirky levity, then you might replace your toaster, kettle, and other accessories with those in a chic design, perhaps those that resemble 70s styling or the boxy 80s aesthetic.

For some, this can translate to full-scale replacement of current appliances to fit the theme. For instance, Aga cookers are oil-burning ovens that serve as the central heating option for a household, allowing for large stove burners that are on constantly and large chamber ovens used for keeping food warm cooking in no time at all. A nice combination of these appliances and fixtures like this, investing where you find it most appropriate, can give you a wonderful sense of worth as you decorate your kitchen in this styling.

Keep Decor Consistent

It’s important to keep your decors consistent, as much as you can, at least. What this means is that when we think of ‘retro’ design, we often think about all the different pieces of nostalgia that help us look back and feel warmth in styles loved and gone.

retro furniture
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That doesn’t mean that one room needs to be decorated with implements from the 60s, the 70s, the 80s, and the 90s. Instead, having more purpose for your retro inspiration additions and keeping them consistent within similar eras can help your home feel composed rather than decorating with random callbacks everywhere.

Does this mean you have to perfectly decorate a room with exactly the same fixtures from a given decade? Of course, not. There are no stringent rules here, only warm advice. That said, with a little care, this approach seems to be the way to achieve the best results.

Consider Retro Fittings

When we speak of ‘retro decor,’ it’s also important to note that this can mean more of a vibe, an aesthetic, and a theme rather than having to source absolutely everything from a given period. You’re more than welcome to do that, of course, but it can be difficult to do so even with the best intentions.

Then, it might be that you opt for retro inspiration fittings that can call back to a certain time that still remains relevant and useful today. For instance, sourcing cheap Hairpin legs you can use to hold up a reclaimed piece of wood for a side table could provide that sense of place and the more earthen aesthetic we’re after while still ensuring your furniture is designed to modern standards and can be used as such. 

A Worthwhile Sense Of Style

When we put together an outfit to wear, most of us determine what kind of aesthetic we’re going for and make certain conclusions based on that. Perhaps we talk of evening formalwear, so well-laid fabrics, professional lines, and limited accessories are the best bet. This kind of restraint is what makes an outfit work. It’s only really streetwear in which every single piece of clothing serves as a large statement, and that’s why those outfits can look busy.

vintage clothes
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The same goes for home decors. When decorating a space, it’s important to think of which statement pieces you wish the eye to be drawn to and wherein the room you wish to give the eye room to relax. 

We might think of this as a ‘point system,’ where you allocate a point budget and deduct a certain amount of points based on decoration’s size and visual strength, be that a large side lamp or a splendid coffee table. Keeping yourself disciplined by not going over your budget can help the fixtures there really work, giving that essential strong hint of retro-feeling rather than overemphasizing it to no avail.

It’s Okay To Be Indulgent

Now, let us speak to a totally opposed piece of advice that could be appropriate in the right situations. The reason you may wish to decorate a home with a retro-consideration is no doubt because you enjoy the nostalgia that recent history brings.

So, don’t be afraid to geek out a little in small doses. It’s better for your home to look as though it’s been designed with the love of an aesthetic rather than someone trying to follow a home magazine display to the letter.

For instance, it might be that you adore old-school arcade pinball machines, including the aesthetic, the engineering, and the way they light up. Perhaps you could have one line in your large hallway, thanks to having the room to place it. That investment in itself can clearly denote your intentions and preferences, which on the whole helps us feel more comfortable in who we are and how we wish to express ourselves through our home.

So – don’t ignore the indulgences. They can make a massive difference.

Minor Decorations Add Up

It’s also worth knowing that minor decorations throughout the household often can add up. For this reason, a little goes a long way. It might be, for instance, that implementing a corded greenhouse phone from the mid-90s could give you that sense of comfort in an era you love, while an appropriate ornate mirror framing could work wonders here, too.

Perhaps you wish to replicate the sense of a cigar room in your spare space, in which placing chairs, a coffee table, and art deco lamps could work nicely. When these elements combine across a household, you begin to get a natural taste for the decor’s theme without having to feel trapped in another decade entirely.

Authenticity Works Wonders

If you wish to display a worthwhile retro piece, it can be nice to find something authentic from that period. This isn’t to say you should only ever decorate with items from a period you’re going for, but it can be nice for your collection needs to have at least one item in your house from an era you adore, be that a clock in that design, or door fittings from a certain space.

You can even look to the majesty of larger builds designed at a certain time to gain more inspiration.

We hope you can enjoy and ultimately succeed in adding retro inspiration to your home in this post.

Featured Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels