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101 Days of Christmas: Adorable Button Christmas Cards

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Are these not the cutest cards?

Inspired by Martha Stewart, my mom and I had a lot of fun brainstorming our own designs and digging through our “button box” to find the perfect buttons.

Every family should have a button box! Ours originally belonged to my Italian great-grandma, Mary Cicero, who gave it to my grandmother. My mom played in it as a little girl, then I played with it, and now my girls are the ones playing with it! (We’re not really sexist…there just aren’t any boys in our family.)

Heirloom Button Box

Honestly, I still love to bury my hands in the box and feel all the different sizes and shapes that it holds, and the type-A part of me loves to sort them and look for sets. It’s an amazing family heirloom to pass from generation to generation.

Anyway, back to the cards! The sky is really the limit here as you create your own designs and styles.  You can even do a stained glass look or a mosaic look.


  • card stock or blank cards
  • buttons in various colors
  • ribbon
  • felt and other embellishments
  • white glue


Use blank cards or create your own by cutting a sheet of 8.5×11-inch card stock in half and then scoring and folding it in half again.

Create Christmas designs from your buttons, using felt, ribbon, and other embellishments to add interest for adorable Christmas cards.

Don’t be afraid to layer buttons on top of each other. You probably won’t want to mail these anyway, and the 3D designs are a lot of fun!

Use white glue to secure your buttons and lay them flat to dry.

Tie a ribbon around the spine of the card, and you’re done!

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