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Beautifying Your Closet Space

The following post is from Lisa of The Pennington Point: Beautifying Your Closet Space

source: Love of Family and Home

Closets…..the forgotten space in our homes.  We get the rooms all fixed up and leave the closets in the dark.  The closet does so much work for us that I thought we needed to dedicate a moment for some closet love.

What a gorgeous way to store your shoes in this closet!

source: Love of Family and Home

I love the curtains on this closet, and the peek inside to the pretty lined drawers.

source: Organizing Made Fun

Look at this beautiful way to use an entryway closet.

source: The House of Smiths

How about turning a closet into a workspace?

source: Killer B Designs

Here’s another closet-turned-office…I’m obsessed with it!

source: Love of Family and Home

I love this idea of turning a plain closet into a craft space.

source: Beneath My Heart

I’m inspired to take a look at my tired old closets and do something pretty.

Do you have a closet that needs a makeover?

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