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Can You Play Family Games Using Only Imagination?

Back long ago (long, long, probably even longer), families used to sit down and play board games together at least one night a week, complete with snacks, maybe some music, and the television off.

There were no video game consoles, but a family room with a lovely big coffee table or folding table with everyone gathered around or read more about finding the perfect game-playing table. Plus, a record player, stereo, or radio in the background instead of the cell phone on a favorite app.

Today everyone is so busy it can be tough to find a moment when all family members are in the house at the same time to sit down and enjoy a game, nor do many have some of the old classics. 

But fortunately, you don’t even need to have a game if you’re fortunate enough to schedule a night with the gang altogether. Let’s get some ideas for family games using absolutely nothing.

Can You Play Family Games Using Only Imagination

I’m sure if you tried, you could find a record player, or radio, or stereo to get ready for some family games. That involves putting the cell phones and video games away for one night each week and sending the family back in time (just a bit), put on some music, and get your creative juices flowing.

Depending on the time of year, you can either play indoors around the coffee table or gather on the patio or deck. Let’s assume you have no props, board games, merely a grouping of imaginations to guide you through the family game night. 

What kinds of things can you get involved in that will keep young children (or perhaps teenagers) attention for a select period of time? No one wants to hear anyone say, “I’m bored.” Here are some ideas for family game night. Let’s see what we can do.


You can actually buy this game, but you don’t have to. Each person can make a list of 5 things, whether objects, books, movies, and put these in a container for each person to act out. 

This helps little ones practice writing, reading, allows them to “act,” plus teenagers can be a bit silly, which some genuinely (secretly) enjoy.

If you get your own piece of paper, simply put it back in the container and reach for another. Make sure to have plenty of healthy snacks and drinks to get through the evening. 

If you’re outside, roast marshmallows or hotdogs over the firepit and have hot cocoa, depending on the time of the year.

20 Questions

With this version, parents are in the hot seat since they need to ask the questions to find out (3) three things that each child did during their week. 

The activity encourages kids to talk about what’s happening in their life in a fun, exciting light without pressure or stress or feeling interrogated by “a parent” since everyone is having a good time. The questions should be funny and lighthearted.

Hide And Seek

This game is fun; it doesn’t matter what age you are. For teenagers, it’s more fun if you wait until after dark and use flashlights, especially outdoors, but you would need to stick within a specific area like the back garden or the front area of the home. 

If you play indoors, you need to stay within specific rooms or choose between upstairs or downstairs when playing in the dark. For little ones, daylight is a must to avoid them being scared. 

If you play at dusk, a parent will need to partner with them to be their “safety.” Always have a parent as the “it” with little ones again, so no one becomes frightened searching.

checkers board game
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Tell a story around the fire.

Engaging in this game is more of a parent with teenagers one to do while sitting around the fire pit with blankets, snacks, and hot mugs of cider (it’s fall -we have to have cider.) 

Someone starts the story with just a few words while the next person continues, and it keeps going from person to person until the game night is over or starts fresh if it gets too silly or falls flat.

Final Thought

Family games can be so much fun with the notion of being silly together. That brings closeness and creates an atmosphere of bonding. It doesn’t require running out and buying toys to fascinate a child or games or any kind of props, but that is undoubtedly an option since these are also loads of fun. Find out ways to have a successful family fun night at

Most children, even teenagers, can be entertained with a little bit of creativity and some imagination. If you can’t think of a game without props, have the children develop an idea that doesn’t use any tools and see how creative they can be. 

It’s a challenge that all children will be up for. Kids love to use their imagination, and it’s a good exercise for that. The most important thing is that everyone is together and having a good time with family games.

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