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Car Accident: A Breakdown of Your Claiming Options

If you’ve been in a road traffic collision, it can be a traumatizing experience. And the recovery period can be a stressful, worrying time. However, if the car accident wasn’t your fault, then you could potentially make a claim and win compensation. This can be a complex process, though: we explore your claiming options below. 

Personal injury claim

You could make a personal injury claim if you suffered a debilitating injury in your car accident. Ideally, you’ll begin this process by contacting a personal injury solicitor who will be able to assess your evidence and fight for your compensation. A personal injury lawyer will help you gather evidence and put your case together before claiming on your behalf. Central to the case is proving causation as well as proof of injuries. This begins by getting a medical professional’s assessment of your injuries before proving that this was directly caused by an accident. Finally, you’ll need to prove that the accident occurred due to another person’s negligence. 

Motor insurance claim

A motor insurance claim focuses on the damage incurred by your vehicle rather than by yourself. To begin this process, you’ll need to collect details from the other driver at the scene. It’s also worth seeing if there were any witnesses at this point who could help your case. You should also take pictures of the damage suffered by your car and of the accident scene. If you have comprehensive insurance, you can claim money back from your insurer. If you have third-party insurance, you’ll need to claim against the other driver and let the insurance company decide who was responsible.

Car accident claim

A car accident is more similar to a personal injury claim but slightly more road specific. In this claim, you have the option to try and win compensation for all aspects of the accident: from personal injuries to lost income and car damage. In these situations, dashcam footage is crucial. They can provide authorities with clear evidence of what happened in the accident and make it easier for you to win compensation. Alternatively, photos and witness evidence can help you establish the damage caused to your vehicle and provide accounts of who was at fault in the accident. Car accident claims are often successful when the other motorist was demonstrably driving dangerously or under the influence.

It can be difficult to get over the trauma of a car accident. But by following the advice above and making a claim, you can win the compensation you need to move on and thrive in your recovery.

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